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Description: Kougra
Info Page: Kougra
Special Day: 22 April
Amount Created: 15,335,941 (3rd - 5.48%)
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The Kougra (a homophone of cougar, an American big cat) is a tiger-like Neopet introduced August 3, 2000 upon the discovery of the 'Mystery Island' as one of several potential pets. As Tiger Cub it won the user vote and was released as a pet on August 9, 2000.

Kougras were first discovered in the deep forests of Mystery Island feasting on the exotic fruits found there. This would seem to indicate that their main diet consists primarily of fruit instead of meat, unlike their real-life counterparts. Kougras have enormous paws that come in handy when they practice pouncing and playing with each other. Although Kougras enjoy to hunt it is mainly done for fun since once they have caught their target, they're never really sure what to do with it.

In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Fire.


Kougras are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of April 2012, over 15 million Kougras have been created, placing them 3rd (5.50%) in popularity. They are also featured in 250 different items.
  • Three of the Kougra colours were designed to recall real-life animals, these are:
  • The Kougra appeared for the very first time in the 37th Caption Contest picture, much later than all the other species at the time.

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