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Dice of Destiny
Dice of Destiny
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World Lost Desert
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Dice of Destiny is game of chance released on 9 July 2009. The player must help a Wocky exploring a tomb to beat a puzzle in a limited number of dice rolls. The player must clear all nine levers in each round by rolling the dice and pushing a combination of levers that add up to the number they rolled.

It was the first game to be featured in the New Game Challenge, and was also featured in the Games Master Challenge in 2010.

How to play[edit]

Having rolled an eight, the player can choose to clear the eight; the seven and one; the six and two; the five and three; or the five, two, and one.

Every round, the player must make the numbers one to nine by rolling one or two dice. Once they have rolled the dice, they can use any combination of the levers numbered one to nine to make the number they rolled. For example, if the player rolls an eight, they can choose to either use the number eight; the numbers seven and one; the numbers six and two; the numbers five and three; or the numbers five, two, and one. Each number can only be used once per round. Ten points are earned every time a numbered lever is used.

The player can either choose to roll two dice or one die at a time, however, they only have so many rolls per round. In the first round, the player must make all the numbers in twenty rolls; in the second round they have seventeen rolls; in the third round they have fifteen rolls; in the fourth round they have twelve rolls, and in the fifth and final round they have ten rolls.

The probability of rolling each number is shown in the following table.

When rolling a high number, the player may have to choose whether to clear several of the smaller value levers, or fewer of the large value levers. For example, if they roll a nine, is it better to clear just the nine lever, or to clear two, three, and four? It may be advantageous for the player to prioritise clearing the highest number they can with each roll, as there are fewer possible rolls that would allow the player to clear the higher numbers. For example, the player can only clear the nine if they roll one of four numbers (a nine, ten, eleven, or twelve) but can clear the number two if they roll any of ten numbers (two, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve).

Once the player has used all nine numbers in a round, any rolls they have left over are used in a bonus round. If the player has used all their rolls and still has not cleared all the levers, the game is over.

Bonus rounds[edit]

Two green tep tep are worth 10, two yellow saf saf are worth 5, two red djo djo are worth -10.

In between each main round, the player uses their left over rolls from the last round in a bonus round. Two special, hieroglyph dice are used, which each have two green tep tep sides, two yellow saf saf sides, and two red djo djo sides. The player rolls both dice, and earn ten points for double tep, five points for double saf, and lose ten points for double djo.

As on average, this means the player gains half a point per roll, the player should try and complete the main rounds in as few rolls as possible so as to earn more points in the bonus rounds.

New Game Challenge[edit]

Main article: New Game Challenge

Dice of Destiny was the first game to be featured in the New Game Challenge, where players were invited to beat the scores of Aristotle A. Avinroo, Abigail, and Lulu in a newly released game to earn some prizes. To challenge Lulu, the player had to buy a Neocash ticket.

Challenger: Abigail Lulu AAA
Score: 100 200 500

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  • The font used in this game is Typography of Coop Heavy.

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