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Lulu investigated King Roo's disappearance

Lulu the Cybunny is the cousin of Abigail and Aristotle A. Avinroo. Since 2009, she has hosted the Neocash challenges when her cousins challenged players in Daily Dare and the Games Master Challenge events.

She is a keen collector of lots of things "from Goparokko Staffs to Slorg Slippers", including stamps and keyrings.

Plot summaries[edit]

Daily Dare 2012[edit]

Main article: Daily Dare 2012

Lulu investigate King Roos disappearance during the launch of the new Games Room design. She also helped clear up the mysterious Unidentified Petpetpet "bugs" that infested Roo Island.

Daily Dare 2013[edit]

Main article: Daily Dare 2013

Lulu and AAA were staying at Camp Wannamakeagame during the Daily Dare competition in 2013, but Lulu sent postcards home.

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