Lost in Space Fungus

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Lost in Space Fungus
Lost in Space Fungus
ID # 774
World Kreludor
Category Puzzles
High Scores
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Lost in Space Fungus is a puzzle game released on February 1, 2007 (officially released the next day). Users play the role of an Orange Grundo exploring deep space on a mission from Kreludor when his ship is suddenly swallowed by a Giant Space Fungus. The Grundo's navigation system is thrown out of whack, and he can only fly in circles.

How to play[edit]

Users move the Grundo's ship via the rings to the goal which is Kreludor while trying to avoid all rocks and/or fungus. Also there are multiple bonous (extra points, one more ring etc.) that are very helpful.


  • The title of the game is a reference to the television show Lost in Space.

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