Skies Over Meridell

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Skies Over Meridell
Skies Over Meridell
ID # 340
World Meridell
Category Action
High Scores
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Skies Over Meridell is an action game released on 5 January 2004. Players pilot an aeroplane through dogfights over Meridell.


Players must take off and fly their plane in a duel against another pilot. They must score several kills against their opponent, scored when they shoot them down or when they crash in to something. Later opponents must be defeated more times.

The game is 2D: the player can use the right and left arrow keys to lift and lower the nose of the plane. To fly in the other direction, they must turn over or under and fly upside down. The player fires their cork gun with the m, comma, or full stop keys. If the player flies off one side of the screen, they reappear on the other side. To take off, the player must pull up - i.e. with the right arrow key.

Through the game, Kiko-shaped blimps appear. When the balloon is burst - either if a plane crashes into it or it is shot - it releases a power up that gives bonus points if collected and have a special effect. Its basket also falls, which can crash a plane if it hits one.

When a plane is crashed, it reappears on the ground and takes off again. For the first few seconds after reappearing, the plane will blink and be invulnerable. The player starts with three lives, but can earn more from a certain power-up.

A local two-player game mode is also available, where players can dogfight with a friend at the same keyboard.


The challengers in order of appearance are:

  • Sallow Manallow - Green Kacheek
  • Breakneck Bill - Red Kiko
  • The Mannino Kid - White Kiko
  • The Bantam Ace - Purple Kacheek
  • The Crimson Duke - Purple Mynci


  • The Crimson Duke's name is likely a reference to the Red Baron, a famous German fighter pilot from World War I.
  • The Mannino Kid's name is likely a reference to the former TNT staff member, Piratezug, otherwise known as Tom Mannino.

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