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Description: Mynci
Info Page: Mynci
Special Day: 22 February
Amount Created: 7,509,879 (14th - 2.68%)
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The Mynci (from Welsh mwnci, monkey) is monkey-like Neopet that was introduced at the site's founding as the Mellish (see below). They are natural acrobats: agile with good balance, they can swing from trees and dangle from their tails to get at the tastiest fruit.

Amongst the four basic colours, as well as the colours Pink, Spotted, Starry, and White, the Mynci's face, ears, and belly remain unchanged while their fur is recoloured.

They are mischievous Neopets who love to play pranks on others. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of earth.

Old designs[edit]

The first incarnation of the Mynci was known as the Mellish, and appeared as a drawing of a ginger man in a chequered shirt. The colour of the shirt changed when the Mellish was repainted. The Mellish was reworked into the monkey-like Mynci on 29 June 2000.


Myncies are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of July 2018, Myncies are ranked 14th out of 55 available species with over 7.5 million created. They are featured in 375 different items.

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