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Neopets celebrating the Christmas holidays.

Christmas (also known as the Day of Giving) is a Neopets holiday similar to the real-world Christmas. It is a time of celebration and fun. As a gift to the users during the month, they receive presents via the Advent Calendar.


Christmas PB.gif

Christmas also refers to a colour a Neopet or Petpet can be painted, via the Christmas Paint Brush. It was introduced on the 28 November 2000. Most outfits are based on traditional Christmas characters, such as Santa Claus or a reindeer, while the Zafara resembles an angel.


The following Neopets can be painted Christmas:


There are currently 83 different Petpets that can be painted Christmas. The Christmas Arkmite, Baby Blu, Crystacat, Fir, Frowny, Goy, Pile of Soot, Taweret and Yooyu were given out by the Advent Calendar and cannot be painted other colours, nor can other Crystacats and Yooyus be painted Christmas.

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