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Description: Xweetok
Info Page: Xweetok
Special Day: 29 November
Amount Created: 13,416,609 (5th - 4.80%)
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The Xweetok is a chipmunk- or chinchilla-like Neopet released on November 30, 2005. Originating from the forests of Neopia, they make their homes in hollowed out trees and logs, and are quite agile. Xweetoks enjoy being chased, and often indulge in games such as 'Tag' or 'Hide 'n' Seek' with others of its species.

The Xweetok was added to the website rather unexpectedly, and came with mixed reactions. Many members enjoyed it due to its likeness to real-life creatures, but with a Neopets-esque, coy look. Others disliked it due to a similarity to the Wocky and Acara. Still others thought that it was poorly drawn, and with people still holding their breath for the April Fool's pet and the Lutari, many found it annoying Neopets had made two new pets (the other being the Ogrin) while they were waiting.

Still, the Xweetok is popular, especially with younger players who are glad to get a cute-looking pet without having to buy a Paint Brush. Others love its Mutant look, which turns it into a rat-like creature. Since it was released, it has shot up the popularity charts, to land at #6 as of August 23, 2008, setting a new record for the fastest-growing new species population.


Xweetoks are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of March 2012, over 13 million Xweetoks have been created, placing them 5th in popularity out of 54 Neopets. They are also featured in 110 different items.
  • Although the pronunciation of "Xweetok" is not included on the learn to speak Neopian page, as of December 2006, the editorial of the Neopian Times issue 236 gave it as zwee-tock.
  • As it says on a default Xweetok Petpage Xweetoks dislike Kougras but are more friendly around Usuls. They're known to take care of their Petpets and their favourite candy is jelly beans.

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