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Description: Shoyru
Info Page: Shoyru
Special Day: 2 April
Amount Created: 17,268,615 (1st - 6.17%)
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The Shoyru is a small dragon-like Neopet originally created by a user in a "Create-A-Pet" competition run on the site and then released on April 20, 2000. Since that time, their basic design has remained relatively unchanged. The Shoyru's original side profile had created the misconception that they only had a single eye. This was remedied slightly with the introduction of Neopets 2.0 in 2007.

Despite being draconic in appearance, Shoyrus do not have the ability to breathe fire unlike other dragon-inspired Neopets such as Draiks and Scorchios. They are however described as fiery in terms of their personality - being loyal to those that treat them kindly but never forgiving of those that don't.

Shoyrus are fantastic flyers that love to soar through the skies and play hide and seek in the clouds. They are generally friendly pets but do have a mischievous streak to them, especially during the full moon. Shoyrus are tough little Neopets that, with the proper training and care, have the potential to become great warriors.

Shoyrus have the distinction of placing first in Neopet popularity. They comprise roughly 6.2% of all Neopets created. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, Shoyrus are associated with the element of Air.


Shoyrus are available in the following colours:


  • As of March 2010, there are over 16.2 million Shoyru's in existence. On average, five thousand Shoyrus are made per day. They are also featured in 122 different items.
  • Shoyrus are featured in a total of 6 avatars, including the Bless You, Shoyru avatar, which is obtained by blessing one's pet Shoyru with a Bottled Faerie.
  • The Shoyru is one of 11 Neopets whose animation on the "All the Neopets" page includes a sound effect and hides the Description.

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