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Dancing Disco Zafara wearing a leisure suit which was popular during this era.

Disco is one of the many available colours users can paint their Neopets and Petpets on the website Neopets through the use of the Disco Fever Paint Brush, the Lab Ray and Fountain Faerie Quests. It's believed the colour was created as a tribute to the Disco era as evident by the use of bright contrasting colours along with the paisley and tie-dye designs which were popular during this time. In addition, a few pets sport afros which are stereotypical of the era.



Although not explicitly stated in the news, the Disco Fever Paint Brush is presumed to have been introduced on January 31, 2001 along with the first pets to be painted that colour.

The following Neopets are available in the Disco colour:


Petpetbrush disco.gif

The Disco Petpet Paint Brush was introduced on August 31, 2004. The following Petpets are currently available in the Disco colour:


  • As of January 2010, there are 171 different items with a Disco theme.
  • The Disco Paint Brush was the random theme for October 19, 2005.

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