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Description: Skeith
Info Page: Skeith
Special Day: 25 September
Amount Created: 3,042,603 (34th - 1.09%)
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The Skeith is a gargoyle- or dragon-like Neopet, and one of the original 14 when Neopets began on November 15, 1999. As one of the largest Neopets of Neopia, they are quite strong but also lazy, preferring to get smaller creatures to do things for them. As is the case with several myths about dragons (Fafnir or the dragon in Beowulf), Skeiths often hoard or guard treasure - for example, tax collector Gordos, the National Neopian bank manager, or Meridell treasurer Snargan.

Skeiths are capable of eating anything, including furniture, Petpets, Petpetpets, codestones, dubloons and Paint Brushes, an ability which only Skeiths and Grarrls have. This makes it very easy to keep your Skeith well fed, as users can simply feed their Skeith items they wish to get rid of. Some Skeith have even threatened to eat other Neopets.

Although Skeiths are typically depicted as greedy, they don't require their owner to feed them any more regularly than any other Neopet. However, when a Skeith is hungry and its owner visits the Quick Ref page, it may snatch and consume an item from the user's inventory. When it does this, it becomes bloated. While they can eat anything, Skeiths come down with Neezles when fed anything with the word cheese in the name.

The Skeith is adorned with spikes and wings, and while these wings can support a Skeith's weight, Skeiths do not appear particularly aerodynamic. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are typically associated with the element of Dark.


Skeiths are named for Neopets' first artist Alex Skeith.


Skeiths are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of November 2010, over 3 million Skeiths have been created, ranking them 34th in popularity among Neopets. They are also featured in 284 different items.
  • Some Skeiths say the Scado, a Tyrannian Petpet which resembles a coconut, tastes like a coconut too.
  • The Gnar is said to have an appetite to match the Skeith.
  • The Dried Bamboo Chair, a piece of furniture, is said to even support the weight of the Skeith.
  • Magma Skeiths don't have wings.

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