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Maractite is used to make armour and weapons in Maraqua.

Maractite (sometimes maracite) is a mineral that can move as effortlessly through water as though it was air. This gives it enormous tactical value, and in New Maraqua it is used for weapons, armour, and construction materials.

The fourth chapter of Curse of Maraqua plot suggests that supplies of the substance are running thin. The description for the Maracite Shell Shield explains that the cost of the mineral is offset in larger objects by blending it with other materials.

Most examples of maractite, outside building work, are seen as a blue material, adorned with runic engravings - this is also how the Maractite colour appears.

While the spelling maractite seems to be the most common, used across the site, the spelling maracite is used occasionally, in the item names and descriptions of Maracite Shell Shield and Glowing Maracite Wand. A possible explanation is that maractite refers to the mineral in its pure form, and maracite is used when the mineral is blended with other materials.


Maractite's ability to move through water efficiently while being "harder than steel", as Garin described it in chapter 7 of the Curse of Maraqua plot, made it of great tactical importance. Swordmaster Talek believed it could be use to defend the city from virtually any attack. However, Maractite slowly decays when exposed to air.

There is a store in New Maraqua, Maractite Marvels, that sells certain maractite weapons, but there are others available as war prizes in the Curse of Maraqua plot, and some used exclusively by the Maraquan soldiers in the war. There are also some weapons that only appear as trading cards.

Maractite Marvels[edit]

The following maractite weapons are sold at the New Maraqua based armoury, in alphabetical order († indicates 'maracite' alternative spelling):

  • Decorative Maractite Sword
  • Decorative Maractite Battleaxe
  • Finned Maractite Helmet
  • Frosty Maractite Bow
  • Glowing Maractite Trident
  • Glowing Maractite Wand
  • Lightweight Maractite Spear
  • Maractite Battle Hammer
  • Maractite Cord
  • Maractite Mace
  • Maractite Pauldrons
  • Maracite Shell Shield†
  • Maractite Throwing Net
  • Maractite Throwing Shells
  • Ornate Maractite Dagger
  • Oversized Maractite Rune Sword
  • Peophin Emblazoned Maractite Shield
  • Peophin Maractite Helm
  • Reinforced Maractite Shield
  • Swift Maractite Boomerang

Hidden Tower[edit]

One maractite weapon has been released through the Hidden Tower, the Maractite Battle Duck.

Smuggler's Cove[edit]

One maractite weapon has been released through the Smuggler's Cove, the Maractite Bomb.

War Prizes[edit]

The following maractite weapons were available as war prizes for participants of the Curse of Maraqua war, in alphabetical order (cost in war points in brackets):

  • Maractite Warriors Shield (1717)
  • Maraquan Commanders Helm (863)
  • Runed Maractite Bow (3050)
  • Swift Maractite Darts (1153)

War Challengers[edit]

The following maractite weapons were used by the soldiers of the Maraquan Army in the Curse of Maraqua war. They are not available to the general Neopian public, although may have been obtained in battle against them using a stealing weapon, in alphabetical order:

  • Chefs Spatula
  • Commanders Battle Sabre
  • Foot Soldiers Shield
  • Foot Soldiers Sword
  • Garins Stolen Dagger
  • Maraquan Blade Masters Dagger
  • Maraquan Chargers Helm
  • Maraquan Sergeants Spear
  • Maraquan Shieldmaidens Blade
  • Maraquan Shieldmaidens Helm
  • Taleks Ornate Scimitar

Trading Cards[edit]

The following maractite weapons are all available as trading cards, although not otherwise as items in their own right, in alphabetical order:

  • Maractite Trident (TCG)
  • Maractite Armour (TCG)
  • Maractite Axe (TCG)
  • Maractite Shield (TCG)
  • Maractite Sword (TCG)


The following items of maractite clothing have been released, in alphabetical order:

  • Maractite Koi Armour
  • Maractite Koi Gloves
  • Maractite Koi Helmet
  • Maractite Koi Trousers

There is also a Neocash item MME2-B1: Gold and Maractite Fish Shield.



The Maractite Paint Brush.

Maractite was released as a colour on the November 24, 2010. A Maractite Paint Brush was also released from the Hidden Tower at this time. There are 27 Neopets available in the Maractite colour:


Maractite was released as a colour for Petpets on January 26, 2011. The following Petpets are available in this colour:


  • In the game Faerie Cloud Racers, the Water Faerie's racer appears to be made of maractite.
  • There is also a Maractite Hot Dog and a Maractite Dagger Stamp.
  • The 26 January 2011 was themed Maractite Day.

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