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All legal tender Dubloons.

The dubloon is the official currency of Krawk Island, first introduced on 23 August, 2001. Most notably, they are used to pay for training sessions at the Swashbuckling Academy - in this respect, they are comparable to Codestones - but are also the sole method of payment accepted in the Krawk Island Petpet shop Little Nippers, The Golden Dubloon restaurant, and Smuggler's Cove. Most Krawk Island games, however, deal in Neopoints.

Dubloons, unlike Neopoints, are actual items, in that they appear within the inventory of the owner, and can be traded and stolen in the same way as items, but cannot be stolen in the way Neopoints can.


There are ten denominations of dubloons that can be used as currency (ie are legal tender), and nine that cannot.


  • One Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Skull.
  • Two Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Cross-bones.


  • Five Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Skull.
  • Ten Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Cross-bones.
  • Twenty Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Crescent Moon.
  • Fifty Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Skull and Cross-bones.


  • One Hundred Dubloon Coin - Depicting a Cross-bones.


  • Two Hundred Dubloon Coin - A two-tone coin (outer gold, inner silver) depicting a Cross-bones.
  • Five Hundred Dubloon Coin - A blue coin depicting a Cross-bones.
  • One Thousand Dubloon Coin - An orange coin depicting a Cross-bones.

Not Legal Tender[edit]

  • Clay Dubloon - A clay coin depicting a Skull and Cross-bones.
  • Platinum Dubloon - A highly-polished silver coin depicting a scimitar from the Hidden Tower.
  • Limited Edition Platnum Plated Y9 Commemorative Dubloon - A gleaming brown-coloured coin depicting a Krawk, given out as a prize for beating AAA's score at Dubloon Disaster in Daily Dare.

Edible dubloons[edit]

  • Gnorbu Chocolate Dubloon - A chocolate coin depicting a Pirate Gnorbu.
  • Kougra Chocolate Dubloon - A chocolate coin depicting a Pirate Kougra.
  • Kyrii Chocolate Dubloon - A chocolate coin depicting a Pirate Kyrii.
  • Skeith Chocolate Dubloon - A chocolate coin depicting a Pirate Skeith.
  • Toffee Dubloon - A chocolate and toffee brown coin depicting a Skull.
  • Chocolate Dubloons - This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y7.

Obtaining dubloons[edit]

Originally, dubloons were given out when a user reached certain scores in Krawk Island games. Now, however, they can only be received by random events Coltzan's Shrine or Anchor Management. They can also be bought and sold in user-owned shops for Neopoints like other items.

If one has several coins that total the value of a coin of larger denomination: two twenty dubloons and a ten dubloon, for example, one can use the Dubloon-O-Matic to convert the smaller change into higher denominations, in this case, a fifty dubloon piece.


  • In addition to the Limited Edition Platnum Plated Y9 Commermorative Dubloon, the Daily Dare challenge gave the toy Dubloon Bank for beating Abigail.
  • There also exists another dubloon-related toy, Chest of Toy Dubloons.
  • The four chocolate dubloons featuring different Pirate Neopets were all released at the same time at the end of June 2007.

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