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A bag of Neopoints.

The Neopoint (abbreviated to NP) is the main currency used in Neopia. It is the only currency accepted at player-owned shops, at almost all NPC shops, for bids on items at the Auction House, and as payment to play certain games and activities.

Neopoints are earned primarily through playing games or selling items. They are also awarded as prizes for certain competitions and dailies. Neopoints may be deposited at and withdrawn from the National Neopian bank, where they earn the player interest they can collect each day, or risked investing in the Stock Market. Only Neopoints carried on hand can be used in site interactions.

Individual Neopoints look like shiny gold coins, but unlike dubloons do not exist as items in the user's inventory. The only exception to this is the item Bag of Broken Neopoints, which is shown as a bag spilling shards of Neopoint coins - this item cannot be used to pay for things but can be repaired by Donny into normal Neopoints.

How many Neopoints the player has with them is shown on the top right of site pages, next to their username.

Random Events[edit]

Many Random Events give or take Neopoints from the player. Random Events that take absolute amounts - such as the Greedy Kadoatie - can push a player into negative amounts of Neopoints and so placing Neopoints in the bank does not protect from them. However, Random Events that take relative amounts - such as the Tax Beast and Dr. Sloth's invasion tax - will only take a percentage of the Neopoints a player has on hand, so Neopoints in the bank are protected.


  • Some messy person has spilled 10 NeoPoints on the floor on this page. You hastily pick them up!
  • Some messy person has spilled 100 NeoPoints on the floor on this page. You hastily pick them up!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 20 NeoPoints on the floor!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 50 NeoPoints on the floor!!!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 100 Neopoints on the floor!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 200 Neopoints on the floor!!!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 500 Neopoints on the floor!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 750 Neopoints on the floor!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 1000 Neopoints on the floor!
  • Congratulations, (username), you just found 5000 Neopoints on the floor!
  • For a lost tooth, the Tooth Faerie gives you (random number of) NeoPoints!!!
  • Congratulations, (username), you found the Secret Mystery Island Treasure of (random number of) Neopoints!!!!!!!
  • A Ghost takes (random number of) Neopoints from you and puts it on the money tree!
  • A Ghost cackles insanely and steals (random number of) Neopoints from you...
  • The incessant mewing of a Mutant Kadoatie drives you completely mad, and you give its owner 5,000 Neopoints to take it away!
  • Not been paying your bills eh? The Tax Beast arrives and takes 10% if your Neopoints away.
  • Dr. Sloth has his "associates" take 20% of your Neopoints away to support his next Neopian invasion effort.
  • The Bug Brothers jump up and steal (random number of) Neopoints!!
  • Oh look, a delicious biscuit is on the floor. You bend down to pick it up, and spin around - somebody has stolen (random number of) NP from you while you were distracted!
  • Icy Skeletons surround you and steal (random number of) Neopoints!
  • All your Neopoints have been stolen, and all your items, and all your pets are sick, and your stocks have ... oh wait, it was just a horrible, horrible dream.


  • You have stumbled upon the great Ice Treasure of (random number of) Neopoints!!!


  • A fungus ball is sitting on this page... and it EXPLODES!. You get confused and drop (random number of) Neopoints :(


  • When referring to large sums of Neopoints, it is common for users to abbreviate one thousand Neopoints to k, which stands for kilo. Kilo comes from the Greek word for thousand and is used by SI to denote 103: 10k NP, for example, represents 10,000 NP.
  • On February 28, 2000, if a user had less than 100 NP at the end of the day, it would be raised back to 100. This has been discontinued.
  • A Bag of Broken Neopoints can be received from Underwater Fishing, which can be repaired at the Toy Repair Shop, giving a maximum of 2,000 Neopoints. Users were allowed to gain unlimited amounts of Neopoints from it when the toy is broken despite numerous times fixing, but the glitch was soon fixed and the users cheating were frozen.

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