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Cybunny, Krawk, and Usul spending some time fishing.

Underwater Fishing is a fishing game found in an underwater cave in Old Maraqua. It opened for business on June 20, 2005. These caves give a users Neopet a chance to fish for an item. The item caught is random, but as a pet's fishing skill increases new items become available. Fishing skill is increased at random when a Neopet successfully fishes for any item. At a higher fishing skill, more valuable items can be received.

A Neopet can check to see if they have something on their fishing line at any time, but receiving a prize is a timed event, and if not enough time has passed since the last visit, nothing is awarded. It's believed users should check back once every 2-12 hours depending on their Neopets fishing skill.

Fishing skill can also be raised by having a Neopet read the book Fishing Made Easy. This increases fishing skill by 1-3, and just like other books can only be read once to a Neopet. The book is a prize while fishing and it is currently believed a minimum fishing skill 20 is needed to be caught.

Although users can only fish with the pets on their main account, they can fish with all four of their pets every day, increasing their chances of getting a valuable item.

Catchable Items[edit]

Catchable at Level 1+

  • Bag of Broken Neopoints
  • Blandfish
  • Breadfish
  • Broken Fishing Pole
  • Bucket of Sludge
  • Giant Brown Kelp
  • Giant Green Kelp
  • Giant Red Kelp
  • Lesser Spotted Fish
  • Mossy Rock
  • Old Rotten Left Boot
  • Old Rotten Left Sandal
  • Old Rotten Left Shoe
  • Old Rotten Right Boot
  • Old Rotten Right Sandal
  • Old Rotten Right Shoe
  • Rockfish
  • Rotting Driftwood
  • Rusty Old Can
  • Scrawnyfish
  • Waterfish

Catchable at Level 5+

  • Butterfish
  • Cheery Plant
  • Grey Sea Fern
  • Petrified Bone
  • Spongy Algae

Catchable at Level 20+

  • Broken Toy Sailboat
  • Cinder Block Sea Fungus
  • Cubical Sea Fungus
  • Dull Grey Pearl
  • Fishing Made Easy
  • Small Giant Squid
  • Tanglepus

Catchable at Level 30+

  • Landfish
  • On Gelert Pond

Catchable at Level 40+

  • Eyefish
  • Fractalpus
  • Large Giant Squid
  • Prismatic Sea Fern
  • Shimmery Seagrass
  • The Old Mynci and the Sea
  • Waterlogged Book

Catchable at Level 50+

  • 17-Pound Trout
  • Enormous Fake Diamond
  • Fish Scale Breastplate
  • Giant Giant Squid
  • Void Plant

Catchable at Level 60+

  • Pike Pike
  • Shiny Shoal Shell Shield

Catchable at Level 70+

  • Cubefish
  • Darigan Seaweed
  • Giant Bath Plug
  • Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle

Catchable at Level 80+

  • Inferno Mollusk
  • Magic Crystalline Kelp
  • Mouldy Petpet Bed
  • Mysterious Swirly Potion
  • Radarfish
  • Titanic Giant Squid
  • Tyrannian Mechafish

Catchable at Level 87+

  • Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water

Catchable at Level 90+

  • Chaosfish
  • Diseased Mechafish
  • Starry Sea Fern

Catchable at Level 100+

  • Bombfish
  • Frozen Mechafish
  • Glistening Mechafish
  • Golden Mechafish
  • Gravitic Urn
  • Pant Devil Attractor
  • Plushie Clam
  • Plushie Fungus
  • Smooth Black Sphere
  • Spectral Shrimp
  • Spooky Mechafish
  • Transparifish

Catchable at Level 110+

  • Molten Borovan Rod

Catchable at Level 120+

  • Doomfish
  • Madfish
  • Obelisk of Doom

Catchable at Level 139+

  • Hovering Four-Dimensional Pyramid

Catchable at Level 167+

  • Golden Meepit Statue

Catchable at Level 179+

  • Glowing Wooden Mask

Catchable at Level 189+

  • Shiny Sloth Head

Catchable at Level 222+

  • The Two Ring

Catchable at Level 244+

  • Flask of Clear, Odourless Liquid

Catchable at Level 250+

  • Neopet-Eating Carp

Catchable at Level 258+

  • Strange Glowing Disc


  • Users can receive the Fishing - Titanic Squid Avatar when their Neopets fishing skill is at least 80 and catch a Titanic Giant Squid.
  • Users at fishing level 40 and over could catch a book called "waterlogged book". Though it was always classified as a book item, neopets could not decipher the runny text until August 10th, 2005.
  • The Bag of Broken Neopoints can be fixed at the Toy Repair Shop and in return, the user receives over 1000 Neopoints and the item disappears. However, when the Underwater Fishing game was first released, there was a glitch where the Bag of Broken Neopoints didn't disappear after being fixed several times, which made users able to receive lots of Neopoints using this glitch, and they eventually got frozen.
  • There are 88 catchable Underwater Fishing items including a variety of edible fish and squid, seaweed that can be placed in a user's Neogarden, books, Battledome weapons, special items, and junk.
  • New prizes became available on 10 August 2012.

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