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Description: Gnorbu
Info Page: Gnorbu
Special Day: 6 January
Amount Created: 1,434,877 (43th - 0.51%)
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The Gnorbu is a llama-like Neopet released on January 6, 2006. Gnorbu are known for their spirited sense of humour, and enjoy making others laugh even if it's at their own expense. Despite its natural lack of agility, the Gnorbu has a kind heart and a good-natured outlook that can win it many friends. They also enjoy social activities such as browsing through shops in Neopia Central or eating with their closest friends.

Gnorbu Shearing Day has been on the 6 January every year since 2007.

Gnorbu have their fleece sheared once a year on their pet day. Before the introduction of Neopets Customisation, for the duration of that day, every user's Gnorbu in Neopia, no matter colour they are painted, appeared as sheared. They returned to normal by the following day. Since customisation was introduced, the images do not update, but they are still referred to as "ShearedGnorbu" on their pet lookup instead of their normal colour.

The Gnorbu was originally made public under the name Llamameeah, as part of the April Fool's joke in 2005. It was so liked that it won the contest for which of the joke pets should become real.


The Gnorbu is available in the following colours:


  • As of March 2010, there are over 1.4 million Gnorbus created, placing them 43rd in popularity out of 55 Neopets. They are featured in 197 different items.
  • Although there is no audio provided on the Neopian Pronunciation page, Gnorbu is pronounced nore-boo according to the editorial in issue 236 of the Neopian Times.
  • The Christmas Gnorbu was not announced on the New Features page, instead being introduced via an Advent Calendar animation.

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