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Wraiths look dark and ghostly.

The Wraiths are shadowy creatures that were introduced during The Faeries' Ruin plot in 2010. They started emerging when the faeries were no longer around to keep them magically at bay.


Paintbrush wraith.gif

The Wraith colour was released on October 26, 2011. Wraith pets are black and glow purple. A Neopet may change colour to Wraith via the Lab Ray, a Fountain Faerie Quest, or the Wraith Paint Brush.

The following Neopets are currently available in the Wraith colour:

Random Event[edit]

A wraith appears in a Random Event that makes the player's active Neopet less happy.

Bg faerieland.jpg
A Shadow glides silently past, stealing all the joy from the world. [Neopet] doesn't look very happy anymore...

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