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Description: Flotsam
Info Page: Flotsam
Special Day: 3 July
Amount Created: 4,589,473 (23th - 1.64%)
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The Flotsam (from flotsam, floating wreckage of a ship) is an aquatic Neopet similar to the dolphin. Released at the beginning of Neopets on 15 November 1999. The Flotsam originally resembled a Goldfish, but was changed to its current design on 22 June 2000, subject to a few later design changes. Their name refers to cargo that was accidentally lost at sea.

Flotsam enjoy swimming in the oceans and rivers of Neopia, but they can move just as well on land if they need to. They are quick, and can sense danger by studying the temperature of waters and the movement in the clouds. They are comfortable in tropical or the coldest of climates. Without gills, Flotsam must come back to the surface in order to breath.

Flotsam became Limited Edition on 3 March 2001, due to the fact they were hunted by Jetsam as food. The decrease in the Flotsam population had a direct effect on the Jetsam who now did not have enough food to sustain their large numbers. As a result, Jetsam replaced the Flotsam on the list of limited edition species on 17 May 2001.

In the Neopets Trading Card Game, Flotsam are associated with the element of water.


Flotsams are currently available in the following colours:

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