Go! Go! Go!

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Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
ID # 108
World Tyrannia
Category Card & Board, Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Go! Go! Go! is a card game released on April 11, 2001. The aim of the game is to lose your card before your opponents. It costs 50 Neopoints to play.

How to play

To begin the game, each player is dealt 9 cards. Three cards in your hand, 3 cards in your face ups and 3 cards in your face downs. The remaining cards are placed in the draw pile.

On their turn, each player must play a card equal to or higher than the card on the stack pile, aces are high. If they cannot make a legal play, they must pick up the stack pile and add it to their hand and play moves to the next player. In the first stage, players can only play from the cards in their hand. As they play cards, they must replace them with cards from the draw pile to keep at least three cards in their hand. Once the draw pile is empty, the player can play the cards from their hand without needing to replace them.

After playing all the cards in their hand, the player then plays from their face up cards. After playing all of those, they can then play their face down cards - but without looking at them. If the player starts playing from their face up or face down cards but then has to pick up the stack, they must play all the cards from their stack before they can return to their face up of face down cards.

Each player may play multiple cards during their turn, but only of the same rank - e.g. four six, two fours, three jacks, etc. Playing four of the same card will clear the stack and the player gets another turn. This also works if the player finishes the set of cards on the top of the stack pile - for example, one player plays three threes, and the next player finishes the set with one three.

The game continues until there is only one player left with cards in their hand - they are the loser and do not win anything. Players win Neopoints if they finish the game and don't lose. If the player wins outright - that is to say, lose their cards before everyone else - they win Neopoints and can advance to the next round of players.

Certain cards have special effects:

  • Twos are wild cards, and can be played on top of any other card except for a three!
  • The only cards that can be played on a three are odd valued cards (3, 5, 7, 9, Jack or King).
  • Fours force the next player to play an even valued card (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Queen or Ace).
  • Tens clear the stack pile and give the person who played it another turn.


kurugg_normal.gif Bacheek Bacheek move stones... Bacheek no understand card game well. Bacheek lose lots.
myncha_normal.gif Myncha Myncha was one of the first to venture northwards to the Volcano, and it was here he saw a group of prehistoric Scorchio's playing Go! Go! Go! He watched quietly, and then told all his friends about this great new game - and they have been playing it ever since!
tekelili_normal.gif Tekeli-Li Tekeli-li is a Master of Spells and Potions, watch him very closely as he has been known to use the odd little bit of magic when things aren't going his way.
plesio_normal.gif Plesio Plesio loved the game as soon as Myncha told him about it. After hours of practice, he has now become pretty good.
sargug_normal.gif Sargug Sargug loves to play GoGoGo, but gets very angry when he is beaten. Don't sit too close to him as that big club can punch a hefty whack :)
uggsul_normal.gif Uggsul Uggsul divides her day between playing GoGoGo and grooming her long tresses. Being fabulously wealthy she doesn't play cards for the money. She wants to be the GoGoGo Champion to show off to Princess Fernypoo and stop the spoilt little Acara boasting about her Cheat games.
sabrex_normal.gif Sabre-X When Sabre-X isn't supervising the Giant Omelette or having council meetings he likes to unwind with a game of GoGoGo. This master of strategy has a plan for almost every eventuality and is very hard to surprise.
grarrg_normal.gif Grarrg The Tyrannian Battle Master is a truly fearsome opponent. He is a mean card player that will try every trick in the book, and he is rarely beaten.
uggaroo_normal.gif Uggaroo This crafty gambler has earned so much money via his Switcharoo game that he invested in a professional Go! Go! Go! course (it cost him tens of thousands!). Aiming to keep up his reputation as the best gambler in Tyrannia, he will be hard to beat.
kyruggi_normal.gif Kyruggi Kyruggi didn't get to be Grand Elder for nothing. Do not under-estimate this little girl, she has played more games of GoGoGo than most Neopets have had hot soups. You will have to try very hard to have the slightest chance of beating Kyruggi.

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