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King Coltzan III's Ghost

A ghost is the spirit of a Neopet or Petpet that has died, yet returned to Neopia and can be seen by the living. There is also a Paint Brush colour called Ghost that causes a Neopet to appear ethereal.


There are several ghosts that are known to inhabit Neopia. These include:

The Ghost Lupe[edit]

Main Article: Ghost Lupe

The Ghost Lupe is the restless spirit of a Lupe sailor who's bride was kidnapped on Mystery Island by natives around two centuries ago. The Ghost Lupe, or at the very least, the legend of him, has kept the more dangerous native tribes deep inside the Island.

The Ghost Lupe, when encountered, will often warn against the dangers of Mystery Island or restore the hitpoints of a Neopet. However, he appeared as a villain in Defenders of Neopia, and it is generally considered that while sometimes he is benevolent, he is also very dangerous. He was originally known as the Ghost Lion before this was revised by TNT.

King Coltzan III[edit]

Main Article: King Coltzan III

King Coltzan III of the Lost Desert kingdom of Sakhmet was deposed by poison by Princess Sankara, heiress to the throne of the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty. After the creation of a shrine to honour him, his crown was placed into it, and the spirit of the King inhabited it. Neopets who visit the shrine may be given stat points or items by the ghost of the King.

In NeoQuest II, his spirit, acting against his nature as a result of the sabotage to the space ship, was a boss opponent.

Hubrid Nox[edit]

Main Articles: MAGAX: Destroyer, Hubrid Nox

Hubrid Nox is known for summoning armies of restless spirits which Magax must eliminate in the game MAGAX: Destroyer. During the events of The Faeries' Ruin, Hubrid Nox was killed, and since then has appeared himself as a ghost in Advent Calendar animations in 2010 and 2011.

Ghosts in The Tale of Woe[edit]

Main Article: The Tale of Woe

During The Tale of Woe plot, users were required to dig up several thousand graves and test the bones within them to see if they were the bones of the Spirit of Slumber, in order to discover the Spirit's name. After the correct bones were found, the ghosts of the Neopets who's graves had been disturbed prowled the Haunted Woods in a special Random Event.

Money Tree Ghosts[edit]

There is at least one ghost who appears in Random Events to take Neopoints from a user and donate it to the Money Tree. A different event features the same picture of a ghost, who instead steals a user's Neopoints and does not donate them. The Money Tree page notes on how other ghosts steal from the Tree itself.


Ghost is also a colour that users can paint their Neopets and Petpets. Ghost coloured pets are an eerie shade of blue and have a faint blue glow and bright red eyes.

The Ghost colour for Neopets was released on October 23, 2002. Users can change the colour of their Neopets to Ghost by using a Ghost Paint Brush item at the Rainbow Pool. In addition, the Lab Ray also has a random chance of turning the colour of a user's Neopet to Ghost. Users also have the choice of changing their Neopet's colour to Ghost when they complete a Fountain Faerie Quest. Lastly, a Neopet's colour can be changed to Ghost by using an appropriate Morphing Potion.

The Ghost colour for Petpets was released on July 29, 2003. Petpets can be painted Ghost by using the Ghost Petpet Paint Brush item at the Petpet Puddle. In addition, the Petpet Lab Ray also has a random chance of turning the colour of a user's Petpet to Ghost.


54 Neopets can be painted Ghost:


Currently, 77 Petpets can be painted Ghost:


  • The day of May 17, 2006 was randomly dedicated to ghosts.
  • Several Random Events involve ghosts...
    • A Ghost cackles insanely and steals (varying amounts of) Neopoints from you...
    • A Ghost comes out of the ground and stares evilly at you...

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