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Description: Eyrie
Info Page: Eyrie
Special Day: 10 October
Amount Created: 11,271,151 (8th - 4.03%)
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The Eyrie (from eyrie, an eagle's nest) is a griffin-like Neopet from the tropical climates of Neopia. They can be very playful but also ferocious at times, especially if their territory is threatened. Their great sense of adventure can sometimes overwhelm their equally strong desire to learn.

In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Air.

Old designs[edit]

The Cerpull.
The Tatsu.
Main article: List of Neopet redesigns#Eyrie

The Eyrie was originally called the Cerpull, and looked more like a dragon than a griffin. The Cerpull was renamed the Tatsu on the 13 July 2000. For this change they removed a nose horn, and gave it a main of hair instead of a spiked spine. On January 26 2001, the Tatsu was renamed again, becoming the Eyrie. This name change accompanied a complete transformation to today's griffin-like anatomy. This design was chosen by users via a competition The Neopets Team held called Pick-A-Tatsu.


Eyries are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of March 2010, a little over 10.1 million Eyries have been created, placing them 8th in popularity out of 55 Neopets. They are featured in 252 items.
  • The Eyrie is the tallest species of Neopet: in two surveys, Eyries averaged 159.50 cm and 160 cm.

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