Double or Nothing

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Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing
ID # 178
World Meridell
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Double or Nothing, released on September 25, 2002, is possibly Neopets' simplest game. It is a PHP game of coin flipping. Double or Nothing is hosted by and played against Snargan, the Castle Treasurer.

How to play[edit]

To play Double or Nothing, one first hands ten Neopoints to Snargan by clicking the silver coin. Snargan will then flip a coin. The "goal" is to get Heads (King Skarl side) and last as many rounds as possible as the winnings double each round. This means that collecting your winnings after only one toss earns you only ten Neopoints, while a second positive toss earns you twenty Neopoints and so on. Ofcourse, by continuing, one risks the chance of getting Tails (Meridell logo side), which means it's game over and you lose everything.


  • An avatar can be won from this game ever since September 26, 2005. It is obtained by collecting winnings of at least 320 Neopoints.

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