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ID # 29
World Terror Mountain
Category Brain Busters, Puzzle
High Scores
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Cliffghanger is a PHP, hang man-style game, where players must correctly determine a Neopian word or phrase before a Green Tuskaninny falls off of Terror Mountain.

The game costs fifteen Neopoints to play, but one can play for free after the 1,500 NP win limit has been reached.

How to play[edit]

The player will be presented with a word or phrase to guess. Initially, the user will only be able to see the number of letters in each word, but by choosing letters, parts of these words can be revealed. If a letter the user chose features in the word or phrase, at every occurrence, it is revealed.

The user can also guess the word, based on what letters they have already discovered. The earlier in the game one guesses, the greater the reward for playing. In higher reward games, one will not be able to guess certain letters.

For every incorrect guess of a letter - that is to say, selecting a letter that does not appear at all - the Tuskaninny will take one step closer to the edge of the cliff. If he walks over the edge, the game is over. It is also over should one guess an incorrect phrase.


  • An avatar is awarded for losing a game of Cliffhanger.
  • There are a fixed number of possible phrases that are recycled, prompting several fansites to list them all.
  • One possible solution refers to the Eyrie by its old name, Tatsu: The Tatsu population was almost reduced to extinction.

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