Meerca Chase II

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Meerca Chase II
Meerca Chase II
ID # 500
World Neopia Central
Category Action
High Scores
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Meerca Chase II is a action game where players must guide a Meerca around the screen collecting Neggs. It was released on 3 January 2005. It plays like the video game Snake, and is a remake of an older title called Meerca Chase.

On 21 January 2005, ten new backgrounds were added to the game.

It has been featured in Daily Dare in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012; and in the Games Master Challenges in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

How to play[edit]

The five modes of play. From left to right, top row: Classic, Freestyle and Maze mode. Bottom row: Gravity and Ferocious Negg mode.

The player controls a Meerca with the arrow keys in one of five modes. With the arrow keys, the player must guide the Meerca to the Neggs that appear. For each Negg the Meerca eats, the player earns points, but the Meerca's tail grows longer. If the Meerca runs into the walls, its tail, or a red Negg, the game is over.

Different Neggs are worth different amounts of points, and more valuable Neggs appear more rarely. The number of points a Negg is worth depends on which mode and difficulty setting the player is using.


There are three normal modes of play: classic, where the Meerca turns at ninety degree angles; freestyle, were the Meerca has a turning circle; and maze, which plays like classic but with the added obstacle of hedge mazes. In these three modes, the Meerca is always running forwards and all the player can do is turn them. This modes may be played in Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties. The Meerca runs faster at higher difficulties, but Neggs are also worth more points.

There are two hidden modes, gravity mode and Ferocious Negg mode, that can only be unlocked by typing certain codes while on the menu screen.

Gravity mode, is unlocked by typing the code superextrahypergravitymode. The player has 360 degree control like freestyle mode except the Meerca only runs when the up key is pressed. This game play style is called Stop 'n' Go, and can only be played at one difficulty level. In this mode, the Meerca is continually pulled towards the centre of the arena, as if by gravity. If the Meerca touches the centre of the arena, the game ends. The closer to the centre of the screen, the stronger the Meerca is pulled.

Ferocious Negg mode begins if the player types ferociousneggsareontheloose, which plays like classic mode except Ferocious Neggs appear instead of Red Neggs, and they are guaranteed to appear every time a Negg is collected. Ferocious Neggs will move around the screen bouncing off of the walls adding an extra challenge to avoiding them. In this mode, the Meerca's tail does not grow.


Both the difficulty setting and the mode influence how much each negg is worth.

The Neggs that the Meerca can eat, in increasing order of value (left to right).
Negg Classic Freestyle Maze Ferocious Negg Gravity
E M H E M H E M H E M H Stop 'n' Go
Yellow 3 5 8 3 6 10 3 8 12 3 7 10 18
Blue 9 15 24 9 18 30 9 24 36 9 21 30 54
Green 12 20 32 12 24 40 12 32 48 12 28 40 72
Silver 15 25 40 15 30 50 15 40 60 15 35 50 90
Gold 30 50 80 30 60 100 30 80 120 30 70 100 180
Rainbow 60 100 160 60 120 200 60 160 240 60 140 200 360
Power 99 165 264 99 198 330 99 264 396 99 231 330 594
Fish 150 250 400 150 300 500 150 400 600 150 350 500 900

Meerca Chase[edit]

Meerca Chase II
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ID # 46
World Neopia Central
Category Action
Replacement Meerca Chase II
High Scores
Game Page

The original version of Meerca Chase was released on 16 March 2001. It featured multiple difficulties which corresponded to different score multipliers, and played like the classic mode in its successor.

Two hidden extra modes were added: by shift clicking the start button, the game played with reversed controls; and on 22 March 2001, a hidden difficulty level, Blisteringly Fast, was added, which had a much higher score multiplier than the existing modes. To play this difficulty level, the player had to click a hidden button in the top right-hand corner of the screen before clicking start. This mode was removed after it was discovered to allow cheating, and clicking the hidden button instead caused J. Boogie's name to appear. On 24 April 2002, The Neopets Team joked in the news that a new bonus level could be accessed by saying 'bonus round' into the player's microphone.

From 21 March 2001, scoring over 600 in Meerca Chase would award the player with a Magical Meerca Plushie that would transform the first Neopet that played with it into a Meerca. Each Plushie could only be used once, turning into a regular Meerca toy afterwards. Because many of these had been given out by players abusing the Blisteringly Fast mode cheat, on 26 June 2002, The Neopets Team changed all but the Magical Gold Meerca Plushie to Non-Magical Plushies, and they lost their special powers. They were later renamed again to Meerca Chase Plushies.

It was interred in the Game Graveyard on 19 January 2007.


  • Clicking on the Meerca's right eye, either on the menu page or on the end game page, transforms the Meerca to TPOSG.
  • A Meerca Chase avatar was released on 18 August 2004. It could be earned by submitting a score of 750 or more in Meerca Chase, and when it was retired, by submitting a score of 1,250 or more.

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