Sophie's Stew

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Sophie's Stew
Sophie's Stew
ID # 659
World Haunted Woods
Category Action
High Scores
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Sophie is hard at work, brewing up one of her powerful potions. She isn't the most careful witch in Neopia, however, so it's up to you to help her get every ingredient safely into her cauldron.

How to play[edit]

When Sophie throws one of her ingredients into the air, use her wand to bounce the Item across the room and into the bubbling pot. Keep the ingredients from hitting the floor. If you happen to drop five ingredients on the floor, her potion is ruined and the game is over! Sophie has a hungry Meowclops which will catch and eat some items that you miss, often with humorous effects. This does not count as dropping an item. You get points for each item that makes it into the pot, or for most items eaten by the Meowclops. For most items, getting them eaten by the Meowclops gives fewer points than getting them into the pot.

Each time an ingredient is thrown, try and use the far right of the wand to effectively move the item towards the cauldron. If the item happens to bounce off the cauldron and to the left onto the floor, position the wand beneath the window to send it directly in the cauldron.

If you manage to hit the Droolik with an ingredient a gem will fall down. Catching it with the wand will give you a power up. The blue will expand the wand, the pink will shrink it, and the green will give you an extra life. Expanding or shrinking will last until the next time an ingredient is dropped.

List of items[edit]

Item Cauldron
Pile of Dung 5 0 Spits
Almost Gummy Rat 5 5 Dizziness
Brain Ice Cream 6 1 Dancing
Glaring Eye Wrap 6 1 Dancing
Spooky Doughnut 6 5 Nothing
Twirly Fruit 7 2 Nothing
Octornapie 7 2 Maraquan
Hot Worm Hot Dog 8 1 Dizziness
Tongue Wrap 8 1 Dizziness
Red Scorchipepper 8 2 Fire
Spoc Spoc Grub 9 2 Freezes
Woo Woo Grub 10 2 Dizziness
Blueberry Fish Pop 10 10 Maraquan
Mau Codestone 12 0 Spits
Ghost Marshmallows 15 5 Nothing


  • Featured game during the Daily Dare on March 14th, 2007
  • Type hungrymeowclops during the game to get an extra life. Note that the upper limit on lives at any given time is six, even if you catch multiple green gems or use this code and catch a gem.

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