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"Everything is a game. A vile, evil, delightful game."

Eliv Thade is a Ghost Kacheek introduced on February 24, 2003 via the puzzle game The Castle of Eliv Thade. With his residence in the Haunted Woods, he torments whoever comes into his castle with puzzles and riddles. He appeared in the introduction trailer for the Awakened faction in the War for the Obelisk.


While alive, Eliv Thade was a professional puzzle writer, and prided himself on being able to solve any puzzle. Many tried to stump him and gain fame for being the only one to do so, but none could. One day, however, one of Thade's servants gave him a long and complicated puzzle he couldn't solve. He spent months in his castle's libraries, reading books in the hope of finding the answer, but could find none. During this time, the servant would taunt Eliv, which would put him in a fit of rage.

Portrait of Eliv Thade while he was alive.

Solving the puzzle turned into an obsession, and years later Eliv Thade was driven insane. His servants left the castle out of fear for for their own safety, and it fell into disrepair. Eliv died alone many years later, still unable to solve the puzzle. His spirit still roams the castle, seeking vengeance against anyone who would dare enter his home, pitting difficult anagrams and other puzzles against them. Thus far, the only one known to survive is Gilly.

It is not known how Eliv Thade acquired his trademark sewn-on patch of white skin around his left eye (which is large and red), although it is often used to identify him. The Neopets Team once joked in a Neopian Times' editorial that he had an accident with scissors when he was young. In a more recent editorial, it was confirmed that the portrait in the bedroom of the castle is of Eliv Thade while he was alive, and before his descent into madness. It's also unknown why his hands and feet are bandaged; whether it was from an accident when he was alive or a result of him being a ghost. Also, despite having his hands bandaged, he's still more or less able to use them, as seen when he was shoveling snow and when he was drinking tea.


Because of Eliv's obsession with anagrams, it has been suggested that his unusual name may be one. Possible anagrams produced from this name include "Live Hated", "Vile Death","Live Death" and "Evil Death", possible references to his obsession with the unsolved puzzle; "Evade Hilt", which may be a reference to the use of a sword in his game to escape; "Hate Devil" and "Veiled Hat".


  • As of November 2011, Eliv Thade is featured in 22 different items. He is also featured in a background image, a shop blog, and an avatar.
  • Eliv Thade's game spawned four Hidden Tower items: Grimoire Of Thade, Amulet of Thilg, Sword of Skardsen, and Shield of Pion Troect.
  • On January 28, 2004, an Eliv Thade day occurred for the New Features the day before Kacheek Day.
  • Eliv was added to the Gallery of Evil on August 28, 2007.
  • While living alone in his castle, Eliv Thade has been seen with other inhabitants in the Haunted Woods, such as The Esophagor and The Brain Tree while shoveling during a winter, and drinking tea with Sophie.

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