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You may only dice with death once a day.

Deadly Dice is a game of chance that can only be played between 12 am and 1 am NST, when Count Von Roo is awake. The user wages their Neopets levels for a chance to earn more. They can only play one game per day.


Dd w 3.gifDb5.gif
Players may gain or lose levels.

Both the player and Von Roo roll a die - whoever has the highest roll wins. If the player wins, their active Neopet gains the levels at stake, if Von Roo wins, the Neopet loses them. If they tie, the stake is doubled.

As a Neopet cannot go below level one, they must be at least level two to start playing. The stake is never allowed to go high enough to reduce a Neopet to less than one level: this means if, for example, a level five Neopet is playing with a stake of four levels, the dice rolls will not tie, as this would push the stake up to eight levels and the Neopet cannot cover that wager.

Once the Neopet has won or lost levels, the game is over and the user can't play again that day. A Deadly Dice avatar is awarded when the player first ties, then beats Von Roo. It will be lost if they play again and do not tie then beat him, but can be earned back again.

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