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ID # 313
World Virtupets Space Station
Category Action
High Scores
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This new arcade sensation was recently released aboard the Virtupets Space Station - THE place for all the latest games. Gormball and Zurroball are SO Year 4 - make sure you are playing FRUMBALL this year!

How to play[edit]

To play Frumball you must hit the ball into the other larger balls to make them vanish. You must use the mouse to control the intergalactic space bat. If you fail to hit the ball, you lose a life - lose all your lives and its GAME OVER. Sometimes a power-up will fall from the screen, if you pick this up with your bat something good may happen! Good luck!

Now there is also a Zen mode. Play for as long as you like, and then when you get bored press q to quit.


Typing "Frumball" at the first countdown will win you an extra life.

From time to time, various power-ups will drop down from larger balls that are hit, which give you a bonus or make things more difficult. If the power-up hits the paddle, you get the effect. Among the labels on the power-ups are:

  • G - glue (the ball will stick to the paddle until released by a mouse click)
  • E - enlarge the paddle
  • S - shrink the paddle
  • C - crazy bounces
  • P - speeds up the ball
  • D - double ball
  • L - slows down the ball
  • V - the Pant Devil drops, and you need to avoid him
  • X - extra life

Only one pill can be in effect at a time, so a harmful power-up can be removed by catching a beneficial one.

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