Shenkuu Warrior

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Shenkuu Warrior
Shenkuu Warrior
ID # 786
World Shenkuu
Category Action
High Scores
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Shenkuu Warrior is an action game released on March 16, 2007, chronicling the quest of The Princess on her quest to be the greatest warrior ever.

How to play[edit]

Each level in Shenkuu Warrior consists of a series of ledges that must be climbed in order to reach the top of the mountain. Upon reaching the top and completing the level, you start all over again at the bottom of a new, longer level. Players climb the ledges by firing the princess's grappling hook at a ledge, which then retracts, hookshot-style, pulling the princess along with it. This launches the princess up into the air, where you must then fire the grappling hook again at a new ledge to continue climbing. The further away you are from the ledge you hooked on to and the faster you were moving away from it, the further and the faster you will be launched. If you fall off of the bottom of the screen, you may either end the game with your current point total or restart at the beginning of the level, with only the points you have accumulated in the prior levels. There is no time limit, nor any limit on the number of attempts you may make to beat each level; play continues until you give up.

Clicking the mouse will cause the princess to throw her grappling hook; however, she does 'not' simply fire it towards the place you clicked. (That would be too easy.) At the bottom middle of the screen is a protractor-like rosette with a moving grappling hook pointed outwards towards your mouse. The angle at which the princess throws her hook is the angle shown by that rosette. Thus, to have her throw the hook straight up, you must click directly above the center of the rosette, no matter where the princess is on the screen at that moment.

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