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Kass Basher
Kass Basher
ID # 381
World Meridell
Category Action
High Scores
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Kass Basher (previously Whack-A-Kass) is a Flash game where the user plays a Blumaroo trying to hit a doll fashioned as Lord Kass as far as possible. It was developed in Meridell as retaliation to Lord Kass' military advances during the Battle for Meridell plot.

Kass Basher was featured in Daily Dare in 2007 for non-US players, and in 2008, 2010, and 2011. It was featured in the Games Master Challenges of 2007, 2009, and 2010.

The game's name was changed from 'Whack-A-Kass' to 'Kass Basher' on December 12, 2007 for legal reasons.

How to play[edit]

Game screen, showing the end of a hit, with the Drackonack score keeper.

The user starts under a tree, with a Lord Kass doll resting on the branch above. By clicking, or hitting the space bar, the user causes the doll to drop, and by hitting the space bar or clicking a second time, the Blumaroo will swing his bat and send the doll flying through the air.

There are three different bat types: bread, stick, and bat. The player starts with just the bread baton, but the further bats are unlocked by hitting the doll far enough.

The wind also plays a factor. The wind sock, and the counter at the bottom of the screen, mark the wind's strength and direction. A high, positive wind speed allows for a much further hit than a lower wind speed. The extremes are 9 ms-1 and -9 ms-1.

Holding down the mouse button or space bar down while the Kass Plushie is in the air makes the wings stay in a tucked position. Releasing the space bar or mouse button will cause them to start flapping. Users take advantage of this by holding the wings down to make the doll more aerodynamic as it goes upwards, and allowing them to flap as it descends, furthering the distance it goes.

Additionally, the doll can be encouraged to bounce when the space bar or mouse button is struck as the doll hits the ground.

Easter Eggs[edit]

There are two Easter eggs in the game. Between eight hundred and nine hundred metres down the course, there is a stone on the track, which, if clicked, causes the Turtum score master to become a Drackonack when scoring future hits.

It will remain a Draconack while playing until the user closes the window, chooses a new bat, or hits the space bar to speed up its approach to mark the distance. On these occasions, it will revert to the Turtrum.

In addition to the three bats the player can choose, the Blumaroo occasionally will use the tree itself as a bat instead. This allows the furthest distances to be reached.


  • On July 6, 2004, the Whack-A-Kass avatar was released. To get it, a score of 850 points or more must be successfully submitted.

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