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Lord Kass was an Eyrie former general in the army of Lord Darigan, who took over the rule of Darigan Citadel after Darigan disappeared after the Champions of Meridell plot. After becoming the Lord of the Citadel, he managed to convince his people to go to war with Meridell again through an extensive propaganda campaign. He was the main antagonist during the Battle for Meridell plot.

Plot Summary[edit]

Battle for Meridell[edit]

Main Article: Battle for Meridell

After the Spectre of Lord Darigan was destroyed and Darigan disappeared, Kass was contacted by The Three who encouraged him to take power and succeed where Lord Darigan failed. Corrupted by the ghostly apparitions, General Kass bribed and threatened his way to power in Darigan's stead. Ardent supporters of Darigan who opposed Kass' rise to power were charged with treason and disposed of - Master Vex was locked in his own dungeon, and Galgarroth was chained up and thrown from the floating fortress.

After General Kass had gained enough support in the Citadel to claim he was Lord, he managed to convince his people King Skarl was ready to attack them. He suggested war, and, after his disinformation drive, received the support of his people and begun the invasion.

During this time, Lord Kass' dreams were haunted by The Three, who claimed he wasn't strong enough, and would take away his power if he wasn't greedy enough to use it, to which Lord Kass begged they don't take it away.

Soon after, Lord Kass sent a dancer to King Skarl, the daughter of the enchantress Morguss, The Court Dancer. With her dance she hypnotized King Skarl along with his subjects. Jeran's army in the field was left unsupported. After the Court Dancer's spell was broken, Meridell launched a counter attack, sending forces to meet the oncoming waves on the ground as well as sending Jeran to lead a force to fly in against the Citadel itself.

Atop the Citadel, Lord Kass trapped Morris and Count Boris in a corner, but was stopped by Jeran. Kass quickly disposed of him and threw him off the edge of the fortress, and was immediately attacked by returned Lord Darigan. After a duel with Darigan, Lord Kass fled deeper into the Citadel, and was taken in an explosion of magic by The Three in revenge for his failure.


Kass was the war boss for the Battle for Meridell plot. Every time a player lost against him, Kass lost one hit point for each future challenge. The user who finally defeated him, garet_jaxx, earned 10,000 plot points.

Difficulty: 4,000 Starting HP: 10,000
Arena: Central Arena Released: April 27, 2004
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Battle for Meridell plot.

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
Evil Hubrid Statue Attack: Steals 1/3 of opponent's remaining BE Stat Heal.gif
Lord Kass Battle Armour Defence: Prevents BE Stat Freeze.gif, All×All AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×LightLight Defence  ×PhysicalPhysical Defence  ×WaterWater Defence 
Lord Kass Battle Shield Attack: 5×5 FireFire   5×5 AirAir   5×5 EarthEarth   5×5 LightLight   5×5 DarknessDarkness   5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Defence: Prevents BE Stat Freeze.gif, All×All AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×PhysicalPhysical Defence 
Naralus Attack: 10×10 FireFire   10×10 AirAir   10×10 WaterWater   10×10 EarthEarth   10×10 LightLight   10×10 DarknessDarkness   10×10 PhysicalPhysical  
Prismatic Mirror Defence: Reflect 80% - 100% of all ×AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×LightLight Defence  ×WaterWater Defence 
Trithduri Attack: 20×20 DarknessDarkness   20×20 PhysicalPhysical  
Werelupe Claw Necklace Attack: 5×5 DarknessDarkness   3×3 EarthEarth   5×5 FireFire   1 - 5×1 - 5 PhysicalPhysical  
Wand of the Dark Faerie Attack: 20×20 DarknessDarkness   1 - 10×1 - 10 PhysicalPhysical  
Defence: Reflect 75%×Reflect 75% LightLight Defence , Heal 25% max BE Stat Heal.gif when at 75% BE Stat Heal.gif or less


  • Lord Kass' amulet is a real item called Lord Kass Amulet, only a few exist and were given to various users who defeated Kass as a war prize. The first to do so was garet_jaxx.
  • Lord Kass happens to be ambidextrous, both left and right handed as seen from certain Battle of Meridell chapters.
  • His rise to power through propaganda, betrayal and other underhanded techniques mirrors the rise of many real world dictators.

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