Neopian Battlefield Legends

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Neopian Battlefield Legends
Neopian Battlefield Legends
ID # 1221
World Meridell
Category Action, Puzzle, NC Mall
High Scores
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Neopian Battlefield Legends is an action game released on September 3, 2010. It is a Tower Defense game set in historical Meridell and Darigan Citadel during the wars. There are additional Neopoint and Neocash prizes available for achieving a certain number of points or playing on specific maps.


There are 5 different maps.

  • Map 1: Lord Kass' Invasion: The easiest of all maps, it introduces the player to the game. Has 20 levels with no boss or tower attacker.
  • Map 2: Storming Meridell Castle: A map of medium difficulty with 35 levels. The tower attacker appears on levels 7, 15, 19, 27, and 32.
  • Map 3: King Skarl Is Not Amused: A map of medium difficulty, this is unlocked by paying 250 NC. The tower attacker appears on levels 7, 14, 17, 21, 28, and 32. On the last level you'll face a boss.
  • Map 4: Meridell's Counterattack: A hard map with 50 levels. The tower attacker appears on levels 7, 14, 21, 24, 28, 33, 44, and 48. On the last level there is a boss. If a player wishes to achieve the highest possible score in the game, they can do it by completing all of the levels on this map.
  • Map 5: Courtyard Ambush: The hardest map in the game, it is unlocked by paying 250 NC. The tower attacker comes in the beginning of Levels 6, 13, 21, 25, 30, 40, 44, and 50. The last level has no boss, but there are a large number of War Machines or Giant Tortums, each with a very high amount of HP.


There are nine different types of towers in the game, five of them available for all users, while the other four of them are only available for users who purchased them with Neocash. If a player has more than five tower options available, they may only use five at a time and are given the opportunity to choose which at the beginning of the game. The Tower Cost below is in in-game points which are earned by defeating enemies. Individual towers can also be upgraded three times each, increasing damage given, range, and firing rate depending on the tower.

Tower NC Cost Tower
Power Range Comments
Wooden Tower Free 50 30 Normal Low Normal The most basic tower.
Rapid-Fire Tower Free 75 60 Fast Normal Normal Fires twice as fast and does more damage than the wooden tower.
Catapult Tower Free 150 75 Slow High Small Does high damage. Slower firing rate and less range than other towers.
Snowball Tower Free 200 100 Normal Low Normal Slows downs enemies temporarily.
Ranged Tower Free 225 125 Normal Normal Large Attacks from very long range with average firing rate.
Spiked Tower 150 NC 200 125 Slow Normal Normal Fires spikes at a slow rate, relatively low damage.
Thumper Tower 200 NC 250 150 Very Slow Very High Large Allows player to choose a target, only works once every few seconds.
Decoy Tower 100 NC 40 30 None None None Draws attackers, preventing them from destroying useful towers.
Teleport Tower 150 NC 200 100 Normal Low Normal A Wooden Tower which can be moved at will.


There are various enemies in the game. When a regular enemy reaches the opposite side of the map, the player loses 10% of their health with the game lost after ten enemies have done so and the health percentage reaches 0%. However, if a boss reaches the other side, all health is lost, ending the game in defeat. Flying enemies' paths are unaffected by tower positions and always fly in a straight line across the map. Attackers will try to destroy all towers, starting with the closest, and then head towards the other side. Darigan enemies have the same HP and abilities as their Meridell counterparts.

Darigan Enemy Meridell Enemy Speed Health Ability Occurrence
Drackonack Peasant Militia Normal Low None All
Darigan Elemental Quiggle Runner Fast Low None All but Map 1
Draik Skeleton Draik Sentinel Normal Medium None All
Skeith Guard Skeith Defender Normal High None All
Eyrie Guard Quiggle Scout Normal Medium Flying All
Darigan Scorchio Draik Soldier Normal Medium Flying Map 5 only
War Machine Giant Tortum Slow Very High None All
Morguss Danner Fast High Destroys
All but Map 1
Blugthak Castle Defender Normal Very High Boss Map 3 only
Lord Kass Jeran Normal Very High Boss Map 4 only


  • The highest possible score is 125,266 points and can be achieved by completing the Meridell's Counterattack level with full health.