Bouncy Supreme

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Bouncy Supreme
Bouncy Supreme
ID # 532
World Jelly World
Category Action
High Scores
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You are a blumaroo who is running (or should I say bouncing?) from a pterodactyl (Also known as the Beast from Tyrannia), after venturing too far from home. Bounce from cliff to cliff, and don't fall down in the lava. And don't stay on a cliff for long, otherwise the Pterodactyl will come and get you.

How To Play[edit]

You mostly use your mouse in this game, controlling the angle and power of each bounce. Aim with the mouse, you get a help line in the beginning, but it disappears after three jumps. You click to start the bounce and then after you land you're automatically given control of the next bounce. You cannot bounce backwards.


If you type bouncebouncebounce you will get an extra life.

To make the radar disappear, type laser. After you type it, press r to get it back.


  • The game is not accessible via the games page. The only link to the game is on the Jelly World page.

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