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Neopia Central is the meeting point of all commerce activity in Neopia and where all of the main shops are located. To access it, just click the "Shops" button on the top Sidebar on any normal Neopets page.


Neopia Central

Neopia Central spans into four other sections of shops. These are the Bazaar, Plaza, Marketplace, and Catacombs. In each of these contain links to more shops and other popular destinations in Neopia.

As of October 2010, the following 14 places are located on the Neopia Central main map:

Neopian Bazaar[edit]

Neopian Bazaar

The Neopian Bazaar is an extension of Neopia Central. There are regular Neopian shops here as well as 2 speciality stores: Wizards Shop which links to the Neopets TCG hub, and Zazzle T-shirts which links to an external site that sells real-world Neopets merchandise.

As of October 2010, the following 17 shops are located in the Bazaar:

Neopian Plaza[edit]

Neopian Plaza

The Neopian Plaza contains the shops which could not fit in either Neopia Central or the Bazaar due to space constrictions, as well as links to other non-shop locations.

As of October 2010, the following 12 places are located in the Plaza:

Neopian Marketplace[edit]

The Neopian Marketplace contains links to user-operated shops and malls, grouped based on size with the largest nearer to the entrance and the smallest placed farther back. The Soup Kitchen and Shop Wizard are also located here.

Deep Catacombs[edit]

Main article: Deep Catacombs

The Deep Catacombs were discovered by Professor Chesterpot and can be accessed from Neopia Central. It is Neopia's Art and Literature Centre.


  • Neopia Central is the cheapest place to build a neohome.
  • On May 3, 2006, the following maps changed:
    • Neopia Central (hospital removed, and shops moved around)
    • The Neopian Bazaar (completely new map, with same shop layout)
    • The Neopian Plaza (shopping section of Neopia Central, containing the more random stores)
  • Neopia Central was one of the candidates for the Best Place to Live category during the 2008 Neopies.
  • Neopia Central is the only Neopian world besides Lutari Island that doesn't have an Altador Cup team.
  • Neopia Central host most of the sponser area in Neopia, such as Movie Mountain.

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