Lutari Island

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Lutari Island
Pronunciation: loo-tar-ee ahy-lund
Released: June 24, 2006
Yooyuball team: n/a
Lutari Island

Lutari Island is a mysterious tropical island that floats around the oceans, the home of the Lutari. It was only accessible through the Neopets Mobile application, and never through the website. Since Neopets Mobile was discontinued in 2009, there has been no way to return there. Although visible on the explore map, it is surrounded by fierce storms that prevent anyone approaching. They have never put forward a team for the Altador Cup.


Lutari Island under the storm.

There were several attractions the player could access on Lutari Island via the Mobile service:

  • Bog of Charity - This was a Lutari Island equivalent of the Meridell Rubbish Dump, with items being 'donated' by non-player characters. One item could be taken per hour. The list of items available could be made to updated by changing one's active Neopet;
  • Briana's Quests - Resident Air Faerie Briana would sometimes give the player a Faerie Quest, giving feathers in return;
  • Fluorescent Pools - These could heal the player's Neopet, like the Healing Springs. They did not give out potions;
  • Island Market - This restocked primarily Lutari Island-exclusive items. Three items could be purchased from here per hour. Like the Bog of Charity, swapping active Neopets updated the list of items;
  • Island Gossip - A text-only New Features page;
  • Lutari Savings Bank - This branch of the National Neopian allowed the player to access their savings while on Neopets Mobile;
  • Survival Academy - A training school, courses were paid for in feathers. Training only occurred while Neopets Mobile was connected - logging off would suspend training;
  • Wheel of Happiness - This wheel could be spun every thirty minutes, costing 100 Neopoints. Possible prizes were 250 NP, 500 NP, 10,000 NP, feathers, healing a Neopet, or making a Neopet more happy. Possible penalties were having some Neopoints stolen, having half of the user's on-hand Neopoints stolen, having an item stolen, or a Neopet getting ill or hurt.

In an unused map, released by The Neopets Team through their Facebook account and captioned "Lutari Island, before the storm", some of these activities were shown missing or renamed - the Island Market was "Shop", the Flourescent Pools were "Healing Springs", the Wheel of Happiness was "The Wheel of Luminescence", the Survival Academy was "Training School", the Lutari Savings Bank was "Bank", the Bog of Charity was "Bog of Chance", and Island Gossip and Briana's Quests were absent entirely.


Lutari Island is home to many brightly coloured Neopets.
  • An item named Lutari Paint Brush has been released, however as no Lutari colour has ever been made available it is still unusable. Various characters associated with Neopets Mobile have been drawn with bright face paint and feathered headdresses - this may be representative of the 'Lutari colour'.
  • In the Neopian Times editorial #579 (26 January 2013), The Neopets Team explained that they did want to make Lutari Island available again but had not been working on it.

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