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Pronunciation: mol-tar-ah
Released: November 12, 2009
Yooyuball team: Team Moltara
Moltara CityMoltara Caves

Moltara is a subterranean land that was introduced on November 12, 2009 as part of the Atlas of the Ancients plot. Located 7,000 feet under Neopia's surface, Moltara is built upon a series of lava tunnels and magma lakes. The only entrance to Moltara is an immense door that sits on a remote island archipelago just east of Maraqua. Moltara is divided into two major areas: Moltara City and the Moltara Caves.


Atlas of the Ancients[edit]

Main article: Atlas of the Ancients

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Magma City[edit]

The door to Moltara

With a design inspired by real-world steampunk fiction, Magma City is filled with cogs, gears, and roaring machinery. Built over a network of magma rivers and steam vents, the city is constantly bombarded by heat and steam. Despite this, the citizens of Magma City, led by their democratically elected Mayor, are generally warm and welcoming.

Shops: Cog's Togs, Molten Morsels, Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic
Games: Cave Glider, Tunnel Tumble
  • Tangor's Workshop: At this location, users can have Tangor combine the various materials found around Moltara to create unique items.
  • Town Hall: Users can learn about the discovery of Moltara here.

Moltara Caves[edit]

Moltara Caves

Beyond Moltara City lies the Moltara Caves. Mostly consisting of a dark caverns and lava-filled passages, these dangerous caves are home to the mysterious Magma Neopets. Though their appearance is fearsome, the inhabitants of the Moltara Caves are generally quiet and peaceful.

Shops: The Arcanium, The Petpetorium
  • Igneot's Cavern: Users can ask Igneot a question and receive a fortune in return.
  • The Gilded Page: This location contains Moltara-themed colouring pages.
  • Magma Pool: At this location, users can change the colour of the Neopets to Magma if they manage to sneak past the guards.
  • Dark Cave: After completing a Worm Quest, users can explore this cave to find some Red Moltite.


Main article: Team Moltara

While no one can deny their fighting spirit, Moltara's Yooyuball team is still inexperienced and rough around the edges. The squad placed dead last in Altador Cup V, the first and only tournament so far in which they have participated.

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