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Professor Chesterpot is a renown explorer.

Professor Chesterpot is an Acara adventurer. He helped discover the Battledome and Maraqua, as well as the Neopia Central Catacombs.

He is a member of the Seekers, a society of explorers and scholars.

Plot summaries[edit]

Hunt for the Battledome[edit]

Chesterpot left his staff behind as a clue.
Main article: Hunt for the Battledome

Trying to find out more about the long lost Battledome, three Neopets - Buckley, Sarkis and Ursualla - travelled to Mystery Island to find Professor Chesterpot. They followed him all the way to Maraqua, but he had gone missing before they arrived. He left a clue attached to his walking stick for them to find.

The Professor had been kidnapped by MechaChiazilla to prevent him revealing the secrets of the Battledome. After the Chiazilla defeated MechaChiazilla, he was rescued, and could tell the world what he had found out at last.

War for the Obelisk[edit]

Main article: War for the Obelisk

Although Professor Chesterpot did not take part in the fighting, he was mentioned as being a member of the Seekers faction.


  • His name is a play on Chester Copperpot, the researcher featured in the film The Goonies.

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