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Pronunciation: al-ta-daw
Released: March 1, 2006
Yooyuball team: Team Altador
Altador directs here. For information on the ruler of Altador, see King Altador

Altador is a Greco-Roman themed city and kingdom founded over 1,000 years ago found south of Shenkuu and west of Haunted Woods. It was the first world to be revealed from the "other side" of Neopia. It was the setting of the Neopets: The Darkest Faerie video game, and was released on the website on March 1, 2006. Before this time, it was isolated from the rest of the planet by a bubble of slow time. It houses the Altador Cup, a Neopian wide event where teams battle in a game called Yooyuball.

The city operated the Altador Cup annually before its disappearance, and has resumed this since 2006. It was accessed before the other side of Neopia was charted by a magical portal in Fyora's chambers in Faerie City, discovered by "two brave Neopets" - believed to be Tormund and Roberta. With the redesign of Faerie City and Faerieland in September 2009, the portal was removed for good.

Altador was founded by 12 different heroes, commemorated in the Hall of Heroes. It is current ruled by a Council of the eleven remaining heroes, headed by King Altador.


Shops: Exquisite Ambrosia, Illustrious Armoury, Legendary Petpets, Magical Marvels

History of Altador[edit]

When Neopets: The Darkest Faerie was being developed, Altador was originally called Talador. Because of this, there are Neopet TCG cards and Neopian Times editorials which make reference to it. Due to some legal considerations, however, this had to be changed, and "Altador", an anagram of the original name, was chosen instead.

Much of the history of Altador is shrouded in mystery, while pieces of it have been revealed in The Darkest Faerie video game and in the Altador Plot.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

Main article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Altador was originally a peaceful and prosperous land, ruled by twelve protectors, one of which was a Dark Faerie, now only known as the Darkest Faerie. As the other leaders aged, the Darkest Faerie believed she should be the sole ruler of Altador because of her immortality, and began plotting against the other protectors to take over. Jerdana, the one of the twelve, banished the Faerie from Altador when she learned of her plot. Outraged at her banishment, she planned against Altador from afar, and returned wreaking havoc on the city. To protect the city, Jerdana placed it within a spell of slow time. Fyora then used Jerdana's Orb to trap the Darkest Faerie in stone, and where she fell to the bottom of the Maraquan ocean.

1000 years passed for the rest of the world, while little to no time passed in Altador, and The Darkest Faerie eventually broke free, forcing the remaining 11 (who blended into the world of Neopia) into action to find two heroes to fight against her. Tormund and Roberta were separately selected, and eventually came to Altador to discover a way to stop The Darkest Faerie and release Altador from the time spell, both of which were accomplished.

The Altador Plot[edit]

Main article: Altador Plot

Once the Darkest Faerie had been defeated and Altador was released from the time spell, players could then visit the city. The player discovers that the history of Altador has been wiped clean and no one can remember anything and. They find the Book of Ages in the archives, but is blank apart from the prologue. Finneus, the Lenny archivist at the Altadorian Archives, works with the player and helps them as they discover clues around the city. The clues lead the player to discovering new constellations in the night's sky: each time a constellation is discovered a new chapter appears in the book.

Once all the constellations are discovered the book leads the player back to the archives to locate a spell that will make the fire in the Darkest Faeries statue real. They can then destroy the statue and break the spell, returning Altador's history. Jerdana explains that she hid the city's history to protect it from the Darkest Faerie.

Altador Cup[edit]

Main article: Altador Cup

The Altador Cup is an annual sporting event held exclusively at the Colosseum in Altador and begins in early June. The sport played is Yooyuball which dates back over 1000 years and was started by children, who played with wild Yooyus outside of the city. All the lands of Neopia have a team that compete in the Cup all of which must travel to Altador to play, along with thousands of fans of the game. The Cup is run by the Altador Cup Committee who organise the event as well as settle any problems players or fans may have.

Following the first tournament, over the years, a number of new features have been added to it such as team merchandise, new games and new Youuyus.


Main article: Team Altador

Though they boast an airtight defence, Altador's Yooyuball team has never been able to generate enough scoring power to do well in the Altador Cup. Altador was defeated by Krawk Island during the first round of Altador Cup I and has not place any higher than 15th in the last four tournaments.

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