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Playing with Toys keeps a users Neopet happy.

Broken Toy[edit]

broken_fakeunihat.gif broken_gumball.gif
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Broken toys.

A Broken Toy in neopets means it has been torn apart from too much playing. Some can be won from playing wheels of chance games. They have almost no value but can be repaired by Donny. Not all toys can be broken, and can be played with over and over again without breaking. Some species, like the Lupe, are specially designed to turn a toy into a broken one, such as the Chia Plushies.

Other toys can also be bought pre-broken and cannot be fixed by Donny, those pre-broken items are somewhat valuable. One of which being the, "Headless Jeran Plushie," in which its value ranges from 650,000-750,000NP. That plushie is categorized as a Broken Toy, along with the Headless Dr Death, Headless Sidney and Headless King Skarl Plushie.

  • Broken toy examples:
  • Broken Island Acara Plushie
  • Broken Reject Yellow Acara Plushie
  • Ripped Starry Fuzzle
  • Broken Desert Wocky Plushie
  • Broken Rainbow Fuzzle
  • Headless MAGAX Plushie


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Toy is also a colour that was the first runner-up in the 2018 colour poll. In general, Toy pets resemble toys such as action figures and bath toys.

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