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Casandia is a kind and timid Air Faerie that is known for her love of Petpets. Because she is somewhat clumsy and absentminded, Casandia often accidently drops the Petpets she is transporting.

Casandia and the Hasees[edit]

According to the Neopedia, Casandia discovered the Hasees and brought them to Faerieland. Unfortunately, the Hasees' large appetites caused them to eat everything in sight. After she saw the negative effect that the Hasees had on Faerieland, Queen Fyora ordered Casandia to round up the Hasees and take them to the outskirts of Faerieland. As Fyora thought about where to relocate the Hasees, the cloud that they were on gave way under their weight, and they fell into the sea. The Hasees later washed ashore Mystery Island and began devouring all of the island's native fruits. After receiving several complaints from the inhabitants of Mystery Island, Fyora ordered Casandia to fly down the island, gather as many Hasees as she could find, and then take them to the Neopian Petpet Shop, where they would be able to find good homes.

Operation: Petpet Park[edit]

Main article: Operation: Petpet Park

After Mick, Deckar, and Kaylee rescued the Pinixys from the portals around Faerieland, Casandia helped them by taking the Pinixys back to Petpet Protection League headquarters. Awhile later, Weltrude asked Casandia to pick up the Kassegats that were rescued on Mystery Island.

Better Than You[edit]

Casandia has been a contestant on Better Than You four times:

Date: May 24, 2012 Hello, good citizen! It's very kind of you to offer your help saving Petpets from the Snowbeast, but I have it completely under control. These Neopets keep getting in my way, but I have been sneaking the Petpets past them into this little cave where they'll be safe.
Game: Snowbeast Snackrifice
Score: 700
Prize: Snow Noil

Date: February 28, 2013 Oh no, oh no! I was just on my way to a secret meeting in Faerieland -- oops, shouldn't have mentioned that -- when I tripped and spilled the refreshments I was bringing! Can you clean up the mess? I seriously don't have time to do it myself. I'm already late to a secret meeting -- oops, shouldn't have mentioned that!
Game: Faerie Bubbles
Score: 2,300
Prize: Triple Tier Space Faerie Cake

Date: April 25, 2013 The Happiness Faerie gave me a quest! Isn't that just neat? She said that all I have to do is feed this sweet little Chia a couple times. I can do that!
Game: Feed Florg
Score: 253
Prize: Deluxe Chia Cake

Date: July 4, 2013 This little old Neopet just dropped a Babaa in my arms and told me to get back to sitting! How rude; I was clearly standing!
Game: Petpetsitter
Score: 1,300
Prize: Anubis Plushie

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