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Advisor Broo is Blumaroo and an advisor to King Roo. He supposedly is the true power running Roo Island while King Roo is busy playing Dice-A-Roo all day. Advisor Broo is also one of the many one-player challengers that users can fight in the Battledome.


Portrait 86.png
Advisor Broo
Difficulty: 130Easy · 156Medium · 195Hard Starting HP: 160Easy · 192Medium · 240Hard
Arena: Pango Palladium Released: June 18, 2003
Status: Active Challenger ID: 86
Found by: Random Event when playing Dice-A-Roo

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
Rainbow Scorchstone Defence: 80 BE Stat Heal.gif (Once per battle)
Dai-scimitar Attack: 1 - 2×1 - 2 PhysicalPhysical  
Zaptwig Attack: 5×5 EarthEarth   5×5 LightLight  
Eye Of Storms Attack: 3×3 WaterWater   3×3 AirAir   3×3 EarthEarth  
Grimoire of Thade Attack: 5×5 DarknessDarkness   1 - 3×1 - 3 PhysicalPhysical   Defence: 5×5 DarknessDarkness Defence 
Advisor Broos Gnarled Staff Attack: 5×5 PhysicalPhysical   or 5×5 FireFire   6×6 LightLight   5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Advisor Broos Hat Attack: 5×5 FireFire   7×7 AirAir   Defence: 5×5 AirAir Defence 
Advisor Broos Necklace Defence: 35% BE Stat Freeze.gif All×All AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×LightLight Defence  ×PhysicalPhysical Defence  ×WaterWater Defence 

Better Than You[edit]

Advisor Broo has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: October 6, 2011 I have been tasked with overseeing the treasurer selection process. This is beneath my station. I WILL be holding it against you. I am frankly appalled to find this simple game is the test, as I have always found it to be ridiculously easy. Still, royal orders...
Game: Roodoku
Score: 1,170
Prize: Number 3 Plushie

Date: February 9, 2012 Candy is attacking! Run for the hills! That silly king of ours is oblivious to his doom, but that's no reason for the rest of us to fall too! Run! RUN!
Game: Attack of the Gummy Dice
Score: 3,100
Prize: Gummy Bait Worms