Captain Dread

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Captain Dread with his Blumaroo helmsman.

Captain Dread is a skeletal Kiko pirate who originally destroyed Maraqua with a curse in The Destruction of Maraqua, when King Koi refused to pay the pirates' protection money. Dread sailed the submarine The Revenge.

His vendetta was carried on by Captain Scarblade. What happened to Dread afterwards is unknown. It is, however, suspected that Captain Dread could be an outdated version of Captain Scarblade. How he placed the curse is also unknown.


  • An image of Captain Dread holding a bottle and grinning is featured as a background in the game Kiko Match II.
  • He appeared in the now retried game Deckswabber as one of the enemies in the later levels. He followed the player's icon, was very fast, and touching him would kill the player instantly.
  • Despite Scarblade being credited for destroying Old Maraqua since the Curse of Maraqua plot, the Festival of Neggs 2012 stated that Dread did, in fact, destroy the city.

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