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"Self-proclaimed ruler of the five seas of Neopia, Scarblade makes good on his promise that all the riches in the sea are his for the taking." - Neopedia

Captain Scarblade is a Green Lupe and the captain of the pirate ship The Revenge. He is ruthless, relentless, and obsessed with controlling the five seas of Neopia. No ship is safe from his wrath, and all the sea-faring folk of Neopia know and fear his name.

Captain Scarblade is the main antagonist of the Curse of Maraqua plot. During this plot, he attempted to destroy the newly rebuilt city of Maraqua simply because it refused to stay destroyed the first time. He is also featured in the game Attack of the Revenge.

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main article: Curse of Maraqua
Scarblade duels Kelpbeard.

After hearing about Garin's raid on a wedding party, Scarblade decided to attack the Black Pawkeet in order to assert his power. With his superior equipment and manpower, Scarblade and his crew were easily able to overrun Garin's ship. During this attack, Scarblade captured most of Garin's crew and force them to either join him or walk the plank. He also claimed ownership of the Black Pawkeet and added it to his personal fleet.

Later, after Benny informed him of the reconstruction of Maraqua, Scarblade decided to launch an attack against the underwater city. Over the next several days, he gathered ships, weapons, and manpower in preparation for the invasion. When Garin stole back the Black Pawkeet and the arms stored upon it, Scarblade decided to press on with the invasion of Maraqua despite the loss.

After reaching the location of New Maraqua, Scarblade and his fleet dove beneath the waves and began their assault on the city. The captain and his pirates fought fiercely and eventually they were able to breach the city gates. When King Kelpbeard sent out his third battalion to defend the city, Scarblade countered by sending out his own reinforcements. Scarblade's army was able to maintain the upper-hand in the battle until Garin and his crew launched a surprise attack, capturing the pirates in a pincer movement. Shortly after this, King Kelpbeard was able to confront Scarblade one-on-one. After a hard-fought duel, the king was able to defeat Scarblade, forcing him and his pirates to flee.


Captain Scarblade was the final boss for those users who sided with Maraqua. Users who defeated him received 10,000 plot points.

Com sap.gif
Captain Scarblade
Difficulty: 100,000 Starting HP: 100,000
Arena: Dome of the Deep Released: June 7, 2005
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Curse of Maraqua plot

Jade Scorchstone
Moehog Skull
Pirate Captains Hat
Scarblades Sword
Sword of Skardsen
Thyoras Tear
Ultra Attack Chive

Random Event[edit]

There is one random event involving Captain Scarblade:

Bg maraqua.jpg
You hear the unsettling laughter of Captain Scarblade... It can't be good that he is that happy.

This event has no effect.


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