The Black Pawkeet

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The ship under sail.

The Black Pawkeet is a pirate ship sailed by its captain, Garin, and his best friend, Jacques. Garin and his crew appeared aboard The Black Pawkeet in the Curse of Maraqua plot, when it was captured by, and later liberated from, Captain Scarblade. The ship and her crew appear in the game Attack of the Revenge.

It is lighter and faster than The Revenge. It is named after a Pirate Petpet called the Pawkeet, which cannot actually be painted Black.

Plot summary[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main article: Curse of Maraqua

After Garin decided to invade Captain Scarblades territory, he captured The Black Pawkeet, and disguised it as a garbage ship to hold a cargo of weapons for the invasion of New Maraqua.

Garin and his crew recaptured the ship and managed to beat the invasion flotilla to New Maraqua to warn them of the attack.

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