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Garin is a Yellow Usul pirate who captains The Black Pawkeet. He was responsible for the rest of Neopia - or "surface-dwellers" - learning about the existence of New Maraqua. His discovery almost led to New Maraqua's destruction when word of its existence reached Captain Scarblade. He was the main protagonist of the Curse of Maraqua plot and rallied to its defence, being one of the Wave 4 challengers fought by players who sided with Scarblade and his pirates.

He is something of a maverick who dislikes following rules but loves the adventure of pirating.

Plot Summaries[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main Article: Curse of Maraqua

He is an enemy to Captain Scarblade, and helps Isca, along with Jacques, save Maraqua from Captain Scarblade's attack.


Com mgarin.gif
Difficulty: 850 Starting HP: 850
Arena: Dome of the Deep Released: June 1, 2005
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Curse of Maraqua plot

Better Than You[edit]

Garin has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: July 13, 2006 No one takes over MY ship! If that Captain Scarblade wants the Black Pawkeet, he's gonna have to fight for it! You wouldn't believe how well I can protect my ship. I doubt you could do better!
Game: Attack of the Revenge
Score: 1,600
Prize: Pirate Small Talk

Date: June 28, 2007 Not even my friend Jacques can beat my best score with this game! Do you think you have what it takes? Step right up and try to prove it! If you beat my score I'll give you a gift. We found a load of these things on ship we um... commandeered.
Game: Petpet Cannonball
Score: 760
Prize: Jelly Bean Pirate Chest

Date: 22 December 2011 Jacques and I decided to visit his cousins in Terror Mountain for the holidays. Those little -- Well, let's just say his cousins were waiting for us, armed with piles of snowballs. But a true pirate defends his treasure from all attackers. YEAH, YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT, SCALLYWAGS!
Game: Snow Wars II
Score: 10400
Prize: Scenic Mountain Top Background

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