Desert Scarabs

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The Desert Scarabs

The Desert Scarabs is a band of orphaned thieves who steal food, Neopoints and other valubles within Sakhmet. Were the first to find the weakness of the undead soldiers of Qasala, and with their participation during Prince Jazan's attack allowed many of the inhabitants of Sakhmet to escape safely into the palace unharmed. Nabile, a member of the group, married Jazan.

Featured in the new game Ruins Rampage, where Zina and Horace look for the Golden Scorchstone, and in the The Great Desert Race, where they race against the Bruce who discovered the lost desert.

Plot summaries[edit]

The Lost Desert Plot[edit]

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Using the limited vision of the Qasalan mummies to their advantage, a few of the Scarabs formed an unlikely bond with Sakhmet's Royal Guard and helped them to rid the city of the monsters.

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