Healing Springs

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The Healing Springs are located in Faerieland and run by the Healing Springs Faerie, a Water Faerie. There, Neopets from around Neopia can come to get healed of diseases, get HP restored, receive potions, and even be fed. It's all random so you may or may not get something good, like a full heal (which also cures you of all sicknesses).

Users are allowed to get their pets healed every 30 minutes. Alternatively, users may also buy from the Healing Springs shop. This shop does not restock normally and never runs out of Healing Potions and Snowballs. However there is a limit to one purchase per visit.

If a user's Neopet is involved in a fight in the Battledome - either a two-player or a one player fight - the user will be unable to heal them until the fight has completely finished.


  • The Springs started giving out updated prizes from 30 August 2012.

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