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The more common types of snowballs look very similar, varying only in colour.

The Snowball is a common type of Battledome Equipment. Snowballs vary widely in the amount of power and price. Generally, the price reflects how powerful the snowball is, but there are a few exceptions, such as the Good Snowball and Taelias Snowball.

The common types of snowballs are re-colourings of the same design, and many of the weaker ones - like the Wet Snowball and Poison Snowball - are rewards in the game Snow Wars and are sometimes given out at the Healing Springs. The more recently released snowballs have more variety in their appearance.

In the Battledome[edit]

bd_good_snowball.gif bd_evil_snowball1.gif
bd_evil_snowball2.gif bd_evil_snowball4.gif
Rarer and more powerful snowballs are more unique.

All snowballs are single use weapons, which means they disappear after one use. Despite how many are used, there is always a strong supply of snowballs in Neopia. The drawback of being a single use item is balanced by the large numbers of icons most snowballs do. Snowballs that do four to six icons of damage can be found for only a few NP on the Shop Wizard. The low price and high damage snowballs can do make them popular with lower to mid level pets for an easy win.

Some of the more popular snowballs with Battledomers are the Sticky Snowball, which does 8.8-13.6 icons of damage in total, the Snow Mudball, which does 9.5-13.5 icons in total, and the Exploding Snowball, which does 7.1-11 icons of damage in total. The Poison Snowball is popular for its ability to poison the target Neopet with the disease Hoochie Coochies, so it's good for annoying other people.

During wars the price of snowballs soars due to the increased demand by low level Battledomers looking for a quick win against low HP war opponents.

Higher level Battledome fighters replace Snowballs in two ways. Usually, they buy once per battle high damage weapons (colloquially bombs) such as the Honey Potion and later the Ghostkerbomb, but more powerful single use items, like Clockwork Grundos or muffins, are similarly popular.

Snowball Generators[edit]

evilsnowballwand.gif snowfaerie_snowglobestaff.gif
The Evil Snowball Wand and the Snowglobe Staff.

There are some generator weapons that produce snowballs. Most of these are some type of snowball wand. The type of snowball generated is apparent from the name of a snowball wand, e.g. Wet Snowball Wand produces Wet Snowballs, etc. Snowball wands are not used by most battlers because the ones that exist only generate weak snowballs. Even more, when the wand generates snowball, the combatant must wait until the next term to use it. Taking two turns to use a weak snowball just isn't effective.

Another snowball generator that is actually very popular with low level Battledomers is the Snowglobe Staff, which has a chance of generating a Yellow Snowball when used. The generating ability is not the cause of its popularity, however: the Snowglobe Staff has around a 20% chance of freezing the opponent. This is quite a high freezing rate for its relatively low price of about 18,000 NP.


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