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Mystery Island
Mysteryisland 2010.png
Pronunciation: mis-tuh-ree ahy-luhnd
Released: 3rd August 2000
Yooyuball team: Team Mystery Island
Mystery Island · Lost City of Geraptiku

Mystery Island is a tropical island of Neopia, discovered on 3rd August 2000. It is noted for its native population of the Coconut People and a giant volcano.

Mystery Island has become a major tourist resort, features many games, shops, the Trading Post, and the first Training School. There is a tour of the island an owner can take their Neopets on for a small fee. In the summer, the weather is usually very hot, at around 40 degrees, with very little rain, but it is usually very wet in the late fall and winter months with lots of rain and sometimes snow.

The Island is home to the Faerie Jhuidah, who overlooks the Cooking Pot and the Trading Post. For some time, the Island held a giant golden statue of Donna, who won the Sacrificers plot, and in 2005 the Lost City of Geraptiku was rediscovered. Mystery Island is also the site of many of Jake the adventurer's exploits. Every March, Mystery Island celebrates Gadgadsbogen, a festival where new varieties of fruit appear.

The two islets nearby are called Umbuku Island, where the Island Mystic Lives, and Tikutaku Island, where three stone heads stand in monument to a hero from the Island's past.

Plot summary[edit]

Mystery Island Volcano Plot[edit]

Main article: Mystery Island Volcano Plot

On September 23, 2003 the Tiki Tack Man, Techo Master, Island Mystic, Tiki Tour Guide and Jhuidah were kidnapped by the Kyrii shaman Tura-Kepek. It turned out they were each guardians of a seal to stop the monster Moltenus from awakening. It was down to the player to solve a series of clues to discover their whereabouts and then finally re-seal Moltenus after Tura-Kepek awakens it.


Mystery Island[edit]

Shops: Rock Pool, Island Market, Tiki Tack, Tropical Foods
Games: Gadgadsgame, Beach Volleyball

The Lost City of Geraptiku[edit]

The Lost City of Geraptiku

The Lost City of Geraptiku is an abandoned city deep within the jungle of Mystery Island towards the northern most shores. It was discovered by curious archaeologists on August 6, 2005, and has been abandoned for so long the jungle has been reclaiming the land originally taken by the city. Mystery Island natives are fearful of Geraptiku, and are so superstitious about even mentioning its name or looking in its direction. It's believed Geraptiku fell into decline due to it's peoples' excessive pride and claims of greatness, and were struck down in one night by the spirits they angered.

All that remains of the once great city is a collection of rotted huts, a Geraptiku Petpet shop owned my a mystery shopkeeper, and a Desert Temple. Geraptiku is also the location of the game Goparokko, after a Yurble discovered that putting special coloured blocks together made them disappear.

Shops: Geraptiku Petpets

Deserted Tomb[edit]

Main article: Deserted Tomb

To this day the pyramid of the Deserted Tomb stands in the ruins of the city, though. You can explore the pyramid, that is if you don't get chased out first. At the top of the Tomb is a stone circle which is referred to as kalahnto.


In addition to the tribes of Coconut People, Mystery Island is also where the Kougra species originates from. Mystery Island is home to The Techo Master and Ryshu of the Training School, as well as the Tiki Tack Man and Island Mystic. The inhabitants of the Lost City of Geraptiku, however, have never been discovered.

The island has also become the adopted home of Petpet refugees that came to the Rock Pool following the destruction of Old Maraqua, and is one of the destinations that can be chosen to build a Neohome.

Further more, Island is one is is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets and Petpets. Island pets have tan skin with white markings. They are dressed with an assortment of tropical themed accessories, such as flowers, shell necklaces, and grass skirts. The Island colour for Neopets was released on June 26, 2002, and the Island colour for Petpets was released on October 1, 2003


Random Events[edit]

Something has happened!
Re chanting.gif
You hear mysterious chanting coming from far away!
Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls 'Did you know that Mystery Island is haunted?'
Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls 'Its rumoured that neopets that go to Mystery Island never return!!'
Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls 'Dont go to the Mystery Island!!!'
Something has happened!
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A dragon flies past overhead, he is headed to the Mystery Island.

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