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To use Neggery, users must come to the Neggary with certain Neggs which can then be traded in for a Negg Token of certain number depending on the value of the Negg. These Negg Tokens are then in turn used to buy special Neggs.

Some users have been able to make a Neopoint profit off the exclusive Neggs, making use of cheaper Negg Token giving Neggs, and selling the more rare and expensive Neggs at a higher collective price.

List of Tradable Neggs[edit]

The Neggs which can be traded into the Neggery and their value in Negg Tokens are as follows.

Name Value Image
Negg 1 NeggBrown.gif
Icy Negg 2 NeggIcy.gif
Purple Negg 2 NeggPurple.gif
Cookie Negg 2 NeggCookie.gif
Rose Swirl Easter Negg 2 NeggRoseSwirl.gif
Peach Flower Easter Negg 2 NeggPeachFlower.gif
Blue Flower Easter Negg 2 NeggBlueFlower.gif
Yellow Patterned Easter Negg 2 NeggYellowPatterned.gif
Lime Swirly Negg 3 NeggLimeSwirly.gif
Green Negg 3 NeggGreen.gif
Lemon Swirly Negg 4 NeggLemonSwirlie.gif
Orange Negg 4 NeggOrange.gif
Super Icy Negg 4 NeggSuperIcy.gif
Festival Negg 4 NeggFestival.gif
Green Festival Negg 4 NeggGreenFestival.gif
Swirly Negg #498 5 NeggSwirly498.gif
Island Mystic Halloween Negg 5 NeggIslandMystic.gif
Capn Threelegs Halloween Negg 5 NeggCapnThreelegs.gif
Cog Halloween Negg 5 NeggHalloweenCog.gif
Lever of Doom Halloween Negg 5 NeggLeverOfDoom.gif
Princess Amira Halloween Negg 5 NeggAmira.gif
Blue Negg 5 NeggBlue.gif
Glass Negg 5 NeggGlass.gif
Pink Negg 5 NeggPink.gif
Candy Cane Negg 6 NeggCandyCane.gif
Name Value Image
Rainbow Negg 6 NeggRainbow.gif
Ultra Icy Negg 6 NeggUltraIcy.gif
Yellow Negg 6 NeggYellow.gif
Decorative Negg 6 NeggDecorative.gif
Ornate Purple Negg 6 NeggPurpleOrnate.gif
Maple Syrup Negg 6 NeggMapleSyrup.gif
Sweet and Sour Negg 6 NeggSweetSour.gif
Partitioned Negg 6 NeggPartitioned.gif
Rock Negg 7 NeggRock.gif
Battle Duck Negg 8 NeggBattleDuck.gif
Christmas Pattern Negg 8 NeggChristmas.gif
Ultimate Icy Negg 8 NeggUltimateIcy.gif
Floral Easter Negg 8 NeggFloral.gif
Faerie Easter Negg 8 NeggFaerie.gif
Fishy Easter Negg 8 NeggFishy.gif
Checkered Easter Negg 8 NeggCheckered.gif
Pastel Swirl Easter Negg 8 NeggPastelSwirl.gif
Scented Easter Negg 8 NeggScented.gif
Pink Swirly Easter Negg 8 NeggPinkSwirly.gif
Spring Flowers Easter Negg 8 NeggSpringFlowers.gif
Rainbow Vanilla Negg 9 NeggRainbowVanilla.gif
Punegg 9 NeggPunegg.gif
Ranegg 9 NeggRanegg.gif
Yenegg 9 Negg yenegg.gif
Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg 10 NeggChyrsaberry.gif
Name Value Image
Combomelon Easter Negg 10 NeggCombomelon.gif
Cornupepper Easter Negg 10 NeggCornupepper.gif
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg 10 NeggDancingDaisy.gif
Fruity Faerie Easter Negg 10 NeggFruityFaerie.gif
Lovely Lime Easter Negg 10 NeggLovelyLime.gif
Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg 10 NeggLemonSherbert.gif
Peachpa Easter Negg 10 NeggPeachPa.gif
Phear Easter Negg 10 NeggPhear.gif
Sardplant Easter Negg 10 NeggSardplant.gif
Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg 10 NeggStrawberrySwirl.gif
Speckled Negg 10 NeggSpeckled.gif
Purple Cybunny Negg 10 NeggPurpleCybunny.gif
Mutated Negg 10 NeggMutated.gif
Negg Cream Cookie 11 NeggCreamcookie.gif
Scrambled Rainbow Negg 12 NeggScrambledRainbow.gif
Frozen Negg 14 NeggFrozen.gif
Strawberry and Cream Easter Negg 16 NeggStrawberriesCream.gif
Pretty Pink Easter Negg 18 NeggPrettyPink.gif
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg 22 NeggChocolateOrange.gif
Spotted Easter Negg 24 NeggSpotted.gif
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg 26 NeggMintChocolate.gif
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg 28 NeggLuxuryChocolate.gif
Lemon and Lime Easter Negg 32 NeggLemonLime.gif
Fish Negg 50 NeggFish.gif

List of Sold Neggs[edit]

The following are all of the Neggs available for trade at the Neggery, their token values, and effects when eaten:

Name Value Image Negg Effect
Armoured Negg 16 ArmoredNegg.gif Gives a Neopet 1 defence and gives the user a Shoulder Armour, Omelette Shield, Scamander Shield, or Nurias Battle Shield.
Bang Bang Negg 33 BangbangNegg.gif Gives one random snowball for the Battledome when eaten.
Basic Power Negg 39 BasicPowerNegg.gif May add +1 Defence.
Blue Furry Negg 15 BluefurryNegg.gif Heals 5 hit points outside the Battledome when eaten.
Cackling Negg 96 DarknessNegg.gif Gives a Neopet the Shadow Health ability, regardless of level.
Christmas Tree Negg 27 ChristmasTreeNegg.gif Heals 20 HP outside of the Battledome when eaten.
Confusionegg 64 ConfusionNegg.gif Gives a Neopet the Psychic ability regardless of level.
Cool Negg 247 CoolNegg.gif Gives a Neopet 1-2 levels, 1-3 Max Hit Points, Movement Points and Strength Points.
Cracked Negg 90 CrackedNegg.gif Battledome weapon which heals 3 HP, takes away 3 HP, or attacks with 6 icons (3 light and 3 dark) once per battle.
Crystal Negg 22 CrystalNegg.gif Heals 8 HP when eaten outside of the Battledome.
Evil Negg 42 EvilNegg.gif A single use Battledome weapon (1 physical 3 Dark).
Faerie Queen Negg 57 FaeriequeenNegg.gif +1 HP max when eaten.
Ferocious Negg 124 AngryNegg.gif Gives a pet 1-3 Strength and a random disease.
Fireball Negg 34 FireballNegg.gif Single use Battledome weapon (4 Fire).
Genius Negg 24 GeniusNegg.gif Gives one random book (Theories of Physics, Where Neggs Grow, Mystic Neggs Book, Battledome Guide, Know Your Neggs Book, Cooking Neggs Book) when eaten and increases intelligence.
Ghost Negg 22 GhostNegg.gif No special effect.
Glamour Negg 7 GlamourNegg.gif Gives Gold Mirror, Gold Hairbrush or Blue Pteri Morphing Potion, and decreases Intelligence by 1 point. Used to also give out Yellow Chia Morphing Potions, but this was discontinued.
Happy Negg 4 HappinessNegg.gif Makes a Neopet happier after eating it. (Previously known as the Happiness Negg)
Name Value Image Negg Effect
Icestorm Negg 34 IcestormNegg.gif Single use Battledome weapon (3 water, 1 physical).
Kaleideonegg 52 KaleideoNegg.gif Changes a pet's colour to either Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow, and increases its level by 1 or its hit points by 1.
Negg of Purity +1 10 HeavenlyNegg.gif Low chance of increasing defence.
Plaid Negg 108 PlaidNegg.gif Increases the level of a random Faerie ability, or changes the colour of the pet.
Power Negg 69 PowerNegg.gif Increases a pet's strength by 1.
Pumpkin Negg 12 PumpkinNegg.gif Increases Neopet's weight by 1-2 lb and decreases height by 1-2 cm.
Radioactive Negg 66 RadioactiveNegg.gif Increases the level of a random Faerie Ability.
Rainwater Negg 61 RainwaterNegg.gif Gives a pet the Steam Shield Faerie ability.
Silver Knight Negg 72 KnightNegg.gif Increases a pet's defence by 1-2 points.
Smiley Negg 9 SmileNegg.gif Increases pet's happiness.
Snegg 126 Snegg.gif Increases a pet's hit points by 1-3 and its movement by 1-3.
Spiked Negg 195 SpikeneggNegg.gif Increases a pet's hit points by 2-5.
Spinning Negg 36 SpinningNegg.gif Gives a pet the Air Shield Faerie ability.
Staring Negg 30 StaringNegg.gif Decreases a pet's intelligence by 10.
Super Negg 210 SuperNegg.gif Increases a pet's level by 1, hit points by 1-3, and movement by 1-3.
Sweet Heart Negg 18 SweetheartNegg.gif Receive a random ice cream or candy item.
Vortex Negg 24 VortexNegg.gif Can increase a Neopet's hit points by 1, or inflict it with Neggitus, or change its colour to Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.
Wicked Negg 10 WickedNegg.gif Appears to have no special effect.
Witchy Negg 48 WitchyNegg.gif Can change a pet's gender, increase its intelligence, increase its hit points, or morph it into a Lenny, Tuskaninny, or Moehog.


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